Day 179. Visiting hours

Went to visit Jonny tonight, he’s looking better and feeling better than he was. He’s not in the clear but heading in the right direction. We watched the footy together and see England lose 1-0 to Belgium. Was nice to spend time with him, something I don’t do enough of.

Got up at 5:57am, just before my alarm. Didn’t see the point of waiting for it, so turned it off and got up. The boy was excited to see me in my running kit. Had a slight fuzzy head, so downed some milk and went to the loo. Stopped JB from licking his sore foot. Put my cap on and off we go, Swan route today. Was spot on this morning, a lot cooler, almost had goosebumps. Still feeling knackered and a little rough -only had 4 pints- along the willows I think about maybe doing a shorter run. I shake that thought off striaght away, push on Burton. At the embankment there’s a right cluster of barge’s, never seen so many here.

8 together on this bit. As we go through town at about mile 2, I feel better. Almost feels like my blood is pumping more freely. We get to Central park and do a loop. There’s a spaniel running around having the time of its life, no owner in site. I think about letting JB join the fun but you never know, could be nasty. Plus Jackson would chase the squirrels. Then a bloke runs towards me, maybe it’s with him. Further round the park there’s a chocolate lab doing the same thing but not as mentally. Jackson looks so well behaved ha ha. we head home, following the route to complete the Swan. Fed the boy and got showered and off to work. Grabbed a bacon and egg roll from the van near Wickes.

Had the stunningly bright full moon to follow home, after leaving my parents. I popped in after seeing Jonny. I always feel slightly obsessed with staring at it when it’s so bright.

Day 178 done 187 to go.

5 miles

1093.9 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 179. Visiting hours

  1. Morning Steve The barges will be heading across the fens to get onto the River Ouse. The national boat festival is in Bedford this year in 2 weeks time.


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