Day 99 Excited dog

JB was keen to get out this morning, think he’s missed me. came downstairs to him jumping around. Then he stood waiting, frantically wagging his tail with excitement. Knee felt ok, a bit tender but no pain. Shorts weather from now on as fed up of getting too warm. Was nice to run with the boy this morning, I’d missed him too. I enjoy running without him but miss not having him around. He’s keen to go quickly too but my knee is still slightly restricted, so nice and steady. The Nene has dropped enough to get down to the willows. So back to the old faithful, nothing like Wales but good in its own way. The birds are in full chorus now and it’s not long getting light. We get to the Boathouse and I start needing a number 2. This ain’t the best position to be in. Over 2 miles from home and no toilets on route. I concentrate to hold it in but I’m struggling. Had to walk a couple times through town, to avoid an accident. Starting to panic now as I’m really not in a good place. Then as I passed the Lido I had to hide in the bushes and let it go. Sorry disgusting I know but believe me, better out than in 😌. Had a tidy up and carried on home, with a new kind of spring in my step.

My πŸ’― days point tomorrow, how did that happen? The days are flying past now.

Day 99 done 266 to go.

5.1 miles HR 128.

622.2 miles total.

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