Day 53 Shad’s TT

The temperature has dropped again and unfortunatly it put a stop to work today. Too cold for the concrete to be laid. So came home , walked the boy at Star pits in Eye. A bloke lost his dog, it was a springer x beagle 🤔 he came back to him just as I was leaving. Got some dog food and bits then went home. Prepped tea then put my bike in the van and headed to Oundle. The gorillas do a group segment challenge every week on Strava, all for fun but gets very competitive. So I park at the George Inn and do a warm up lap of Shad’s TT. To be fair I should of wore more, it was bloody cold. I hardly got warm, even on the main lap. I did a decent time and was happy to get one in the bag. Got home and finished tea while catching up with Babs.

This is it if you want to try it? we’ve had it a few times now. Very easy to make and it’s tasty. I added green lentils with the pasta tonight too.

Then back to Oundle for Sargent major’s turbo time. I got my bike set up, then set off for my run. Instead of the warm up on the bike, though I’d warm up on the road. Just did a good tempo run of the town, trying to get warm. Felt great again,even after the TT. Got back and jumped on the bike to catch the last bit of the warm up. Another great hard session tonight, that hurt! Made more fun, by Dean’s disco party mix. Then pub for a debrief.

Day 52 done 312 to go.

2.6 miles.

331.5 miles total.

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