Day 13 unlucky for some.

Up at 6:30 to have some breakfast, and get cyclo-cross bike ready for our ride. Walked the boy with some good training work. Got changed, loaded my bike into the van, and drove to Oundle.

9am start, so had a little bit of time to catch up with a few people, before we set off. Gruffalo made a special appearance, but didn’t get to speak much. A big group as we left the Warfe, a nice pace was set. Riding in the group was different but easy enough for me,Dean and Nick on our cx bikes. This week we planned to stay with them untill Kings Cliffe, around 30 miles. Then head off for some off road stuff. But! Yet again we had to stop for a puncture, Nick this week. After a slow tube change,due to tyre difficulty, we started to realise we’d been dropped again 😞 didn’t stop us trying to catch up though. With a little cut through on a bridleway I knew to Elton, we hoped we could knock some time off. Me and Nick took it in turns to push the pace to Wansford, then on to Kings Cliffe. We were going well, and even thought we may catch the back group before our turn off. Then Dean had a go on front, after being well rested on the back, he went like a rocket,so much so that nooooo! Nick got another puncture.

Eat while you mend. So we gave up the chase, and took a bridleway we spotted. New ground,neither of us know this route but it’s good to try new trails. but! Unfortunately not this time, after the first field, we hit mud,sticky mud, lots of sticky mud. So much so,we was forced to stop and clean the mud out to move. Resulting in walking some bits. We kept going like idiots, thinking it’d get better.

6 or 7 feilds later and very tired legs, we got to Apethorpe. We took the bridleway by the pub and turned left. Guess work from here got us to a haystack in the middle nowhere. Then Dean’s rear mech just snapped off. 30mins or so trying to make his bike rideable,we decide to give up and push him. This became a push, then a run and some a rolling. We see Bambi run across the field, which was nice. We got lost in the woods, then Dean got a puncture. You have to laugh in these situations 😀. We took it in turns running with the bike, untill we got to Southwick. Nick said he’d walk while we rode on, and Dean went back to pick him up in his van. A Hard day riding and lots of lessons learnt.

1-go tubeless sooner than later

2-take spare chain links

3-don’t ride through fields

4-stop getting dropped.

Fish pie and a beer with Nick as Dean was running late and had to go. Well we all was ha ha, a long 42 miles that was.

Got home to see the boy and gave him some fuss. We’ve had him 2 years today, what a change he’s made to our lives. Couldn’t be without him now.

Didn’t feel like doing anything to be totally honest though, I was exhausted. I play fight with him and throw the ball a few times. I was just putting off the inevitable, I finished my coffee and didn’t even get changed. I did put some fresh socks on though. We walked to the Toll house and I let him off. Once he’d relieved himself, I started running. Ouch! Legs are sore and tight, but not long until they loosen up a bit. Fish pie was bouncing around and tried to get out a couple of times. Not on my watch though. Just over a mile, I turn around and head back, with Jackson following me. Back to Toll house and we walk home.

Day 13 done 352 to go

2.3 miles

78.9 miles done.

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