Look what’s back.

So as you may or may not know, I lost my phone on the 6th of July while running. I know roughly where but After 30+ minutes looking I gave up. It was on a quiet, bleak area in peat bog, in the Peak District on Howden moor. I was Confident I’d never see it again and if I’m honest, I felt immense guilt for having to run off and leave it there, dying, on its own, in bog, never to be found.


6 days on, Saturday the 11th of July the phone had a stroke of luck. This came in the form of Calum, a fell runner from Sheffield. On his long run over the moors ( and I still find his luck hard to believe) he spotted my phone. His own words was “I cannot believe I see it, It was sticking out of a boggy puddle, it just caught my eye”

So after chasing a bloke to see if it was his, he put it in his bag and took it home. He charged It but couldn’t get past the code. So after putting the sim in his old phone, he found one number. Claire Hayden. How lucky was that? After contacting her and she gave him my details. Long story short he sent it by post and didn’t want any money. I insisted on at least paying the postage and a bit for a drink. Deal done.

So here’s my pics from the day 😀 was so happy to see these again.

So there you have it, goodwill and good luck does exist. This also proves what I’ve always known, the hills and mountains brings the best out in people and trail/fell runners are the nicest at people you’ll ever meet.

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