Another challenge complete.

So first things first. A massive well done to everyone who joined me on this challenge.

Those that didn’t complete the whole three months, well done for going as far as you could. I know how the decision to stop through injury or tiredness, was not easy but was the right decision for you. We are all different and very unique. By following or using other people as motivation is great. It doesn’t make you like them but It does make you all grow in someway to becoming a better, stronger you. You did not fail, you learnt something new about yourself and getting as far as you did is a massive achievement.

So officially the challenge ended last Saturday, on the 29th of February. Leap year! How spooky is that? I promise it wasn’t planned. This meant we was gifted with an extra day 👍. To add to this lucky randomness, it fell on Parkrun day. The first time ever that Parkrun has happened on the 29th of February and it won’t happen again until the year 2048. So there was no better place to meet up than Ferry Meadows Parkrun ( The new name of Peterborough Parkrun )

Tris, Jemima and Ian turned up just after this pic.

So even though we had a mild winter this final run was a cold one. We all kept our jackets and extra layers on until the last minute. Although Steve and Diane wasn’t on the challenge, they’ve found a love for running and it’s been great to share that experience with them both. It was a busy run and a few people in super hero costumes (as this was the theme) was muddy and very slippery under foot. I had my road trainers on so must of looked like I was trying to run on ice. This was because I was trying to catch up with Tris, who was running with Magnus. I had a fall while saying to Pedro, I went down hard and took him out too. We both laughed about it when we got up, I apologized and I felt really bad about taking him down. He laughed and reassured me he was ok and thought it was funny.

Here we are showing off our mud

Unfortunately I didn’t realize the damage I’d received from the fall and I really hope Pedro didn’t have any later problems… I’d sprained my right wrist and was in a bit of pain that evening… Jolted my neck and that’s been stiff all this week…and my left side hip to my knee has got progressively worse through the week…man I’m getting old!

So today is day 100 for Jemima and me and day 112 for the Hayden’s. Yes we carried on, well Jemima set the target of 100 days so I wanted to run as support, don’t know if this has helped her but I’d like to think it has. She’s running the Burley 7 with her fiance Ian. I’m in the lakes with Babs and JB and will be running in the rain a bit later. Will add it in at the end as I’m chilling in the cottage at moment writing this.

Well done Matt Tailby, David Hayden, Karen Hayden, Claire Hayden, Steve Copeland and Jemima Gee for successfully completing the 3 month 5km a day challenge. Please let me know your experiences of it so we can share them. I’m sorry if I missed anybody else but these are the people I know did it. Here’s a link to one of Paul Sturgess blogs, think he explains things really well. He joined the challenge while on his exercise everyday challenge last year. Unfortunately due to injury didn’t complete this challenge but still smashed his own. Well done mate 👍…

My personal challenge, day 1 started in Wansford. We moved house the same weekend so had to plan new trails, this brings new challenges. Plus I’d come down with a stinky cold or virus, ending on having two lots of antibiotics and one course of steroids 👎. A tough start…. Plus although it’s been a mild winter it’s been a bloody wet one. Wet and muddy is the talk on the WhatsApp group. It wasn’t as easy as it thought and made it really hard for Babs. To be fair she was smashing it until she had to stop through injuries. We do feel so lucky to be living in our new village and looking forward to the spring for dry trails. The muddy trails have made the 5km a day really tough going. Slippy muddy and deep puddles in the dark has been a great challenge. It did make it tougher than I’d planned but has helped me grow to another level. I’ve learned that I’m still mentally tough and although I need to keep active and I still absolutely love running. I feel I know where I want to be with it now. I’ll be doing a lot more of my runs freely from now on (after today) only recording my training and competitive runs. With no pressure of sharing or pace my free runs will be for pure leisure.

Highlights from 5km a day to Run the cold away challenge are….

– looking at Stava everyday to see who’s been out.

– Talking to others in the same mindset and helping eachother when it got tough.

– Watching the sunrise on runs in our new stomping ground.

– Running with mates that’s found a new love for runs and trail running.

– Running the Yorkshire three peaks with my ultra buddy Mark.

– Finding my love for running again and also cycling.

So as I promised here’s my final run of 100 days. I’m back chilling at the cottage after an afternoon in Keswick with Babs and the boy.

So after a walk to Glenridding I hooked JB on and left Babs to mooch around the very few shops. Me and the boy set off along the road and up the trail through the woods. Babs would meet us back at the cottage later….. Up and over, past the little lake (where a couple asked for directions) then up, up and up we go. I stop to get a pic of the snowy tops and realise my watch has stopped doh! Must have knocked the button when I took the first one.

Nevermind this runs not about that plus I’ll still get my 5km done. I’ve been wanting to get to Striding Edge to say my final good-bye to my late bro Terry. My favourite memory of him was seeing the fear in his face when me him and my other brother Carl walked it years ago, Jonny couldn’t join us. I truly believe when you look into the eyes of someone when there that scared, you see into there soul. The true pure human that they are. He showed strength and overcame his fear and we slowly got him to the top of Hellvelyn. He always talked about this day with a lot of pride and laughter, he says he hated us for it but I know he loved us for it. He’ll always be on that edge in my heart. The point when his soul woke up……

It was hard going but we pushed on in a paced hike.

I was taking to Tez on the way through the snow, he was laughing now. I’m glad it wasn’t easy and I bet he would be too. Jackson was loving it in the snow, even though he would sink up to his belly now and then ha ha. I was up to my knees at times too, it was hard to find the way to the popular and well photographed hole in the wall.

Hole in the wall.
I bet his feet were cold x

I wasn’t going to walk Striding Edge today as I didn’t have crampons or and ice axe but I did want to sit on it… Unfortunately JB got spooked, I don’t know why. Maybe it was the deep snow or maybe it was the spooky presents of Terry or maybe he was just picking up on my mood, this sounds the obvious answer…. Nevermind it was perfect as Jackson picked the spot and just as I go to sit I lost my leg to my hip and bend my finger back. Ouch that bloody hurt, he got the last laugh R.I.P. bro x

The view of heaven.

The run down was great fun. Slipping, sliding, bouncing and chatting to people. Absolutely buzzing from it and had some great flowing trails too. Finishing with a nice rolling road back to the cottage. Back to Babs and scrambled egg wraps a quick shower and off to Keswick, for a spot shopping and a lovely Sunday roast.

Life is for living so get busy……….