Let’s run that cold away.

Right I’m fully recovered from my Lakes in a Day adventure and to be honest, I’m still in awe of it. It made me realise who I am and what I enjoy the most.

-Mountains and unique places and views.

-Finding my limit, or looking for it at least.

-Being outside, in the elements and out of my comfort zone.

-Sharing time with special people ( I’m blessed to know a few)

I recently ran the Yorkshire 3 peaks over 2 separate days. A recce for next year’s challenge but that’s another story…

Babs nailed her first marathon, the York marathon and she smiled the whole way around and I was and am extremely proud of what she’s achieved. Unfortunately she picked up a foot injury, which is frustrating for her but she’ll be stomping out the miles again soon, ready for her next one….

So here’s the thing…

I’ve been taking some chill time from training, to give me time to recover and think. What next you ask?

Well I’ll tell you…. while taking a step back, I got a chance to look back at the trail I’d left behind me..

I don’t mean this trail.

Although I did enjoy this one.

I mean the trail of memories. Some bad but mainly great memories. Thinking about all the people that’s inspired me over the last two years and also at what I’ve done and achieved. Mainly what I’ve said or done that’s helped to inspired friends and friends of friends…So I feel I need to keep going…For me and for you…


Let’s all get on board for this, let’s get moving, beat the cold and start feeling great…

We starts on the 1st of December and finish the 31st of March…

5km everyday

10 press ups everyday

10 squats everyday

10 lunges everyday
10 dips everyday

10 calf raises everyday.

Let’s beat the cold and winter blues together. We can all do this, I know we can. Now I know I’ll be running outside everyday but you don’t need too. Let’s make it simple, not easy but doable for all of us. So here’s the rules….

Run/walk 5km (3.1 miles) everyday for 3 months. If this sounds too daunting, just do December and then do January, then February. You can split it up, walk in the morning then walk/run the rest in the evening, treadmill, walk at work, dog walking, shopping it doesn’t matter, get it done. make time for it, it’s only 30 mins to an hour of your day. Your not alone, we’re all together, do listen to your body and keep it easy and fun. Yes fun, it can be fun. Choose places you like to be, listen to music, listen to the world, listen to that inner voice and take it in…..

As for the exercises, do them together or over the whole day, any questions ask me. They don’t need to be hard and there’s plenty of ways to make them a bit easier if you struggle to do them but believe me when I say….Stick at it and they’ll become easy by Jan/Feb. Do not feel bad if you miss a day, just carry on the nest day.

So what do you say? you up for it? come on what have you got to loose?

Some weight maybe or maybe some of your day to day stress, you loose an episode on tv. On the plus side you may find a bit more self belief or even more confidence. Yeah it’ll be hard, I won’t lie about that but think about the end result. It will feel hard to make time for but I can honestly say afterwards you’ll feel amazing, you’ll feel fit, you’ll feel proud, I’ll be proud and you’ll see the real you and by knowing the real you, you can be happy with that and not worry about what people think you should be.

I’ve learnt to take some time everyday for me and only me. I learnt this through writing my blog last year, well not actually writing it but from writing it. Taking time to ask myself…

How do I feel?…What am I doing?…Am I happy?…Am I sad?…Where am I going?…What am I doing?…Have I learnt something today?…What good things can I take from today?…

All these things I had to subconsciously think about everyday and for a start I didn’t even realise and after a while I even resented having to do it. Man I hated digging deep into my mind but if I’m honest I could of gone deeper, a lot deeper but digging and finding me was the best thing I’ve done. I feel so calm most of the time now and believe me when I say I’m an angry man. I don’t get angry, I am angry! My anger is more like a dormant volcano now, rather than an active one. After pushing my own comfort Zone and realising I’ve got more, so much more, I believe we all have… Live life don’t be life…We are all a light until we go out and we will all go out, so while we’re here fucking shine people shine……..Test your limits……what are your limits????? I still don’t know mine….So lets do these 3 months together. I know I can do it but that doesn’t make is easy for me, I’ll still have that voice saying….

Have a day off…What’s the point?…You need a rest…You deserve a rest…You’ll hurt yourself…Your mental…No one cares…

Well these are my answers to this voice and don’t get me wrong this voice is just our logical brain trying to be logical, Ignore logic it’s only our mind trying to take us the easy way.

Everyday I do this is my day off …There is no point only reason…It’s only an hour out of a 24 hour day, there’s loads of time to rest…I deserve to progress…If I don’t make time for myself I’ll hurt myself mentally…We’re all mental, that’s what makes us unique…I care…

I really want as many people to join me on this 3 month journey as possible, share with me, talk to me, get others involved, let’s live and be outside, enjoy the outside. Take it all in everyday, everyday! Don’t be scared of the unknown, enter it!!!!!!!!