Appreciate what you enjoy.

So I’ve been troubled of late… pondering…thinking…maybe letting the black dog take hold a bit… I see this picture posted on Facebook by Irene Greasley…I stole this and the main pic off Irene’s page, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind as she’s an awesome woman and a spiritual healer and an old school hippie…I know she knows how much her pages cheers me and many others up… Keep up the good work Irene πŸ‘.. It inspired me to write this blog…

So since doing the Etape ride in France I’ve been craving the biking but I needed to shelve that, to get my running miles in. I have an ultra in October to prepare for. I still love running but only get the real buzz in the hills and mountains now. I had the pleasure of getting 3 different runs in up and down Blencathra in Cumbria 2 weeks ago. I was working near Carlisle, so headed to the mountains after work.Oh yeah if you haven’t seen me for while, this is my attempt to growing a beard. Work in progress watch this space…..The problem is I’ve struggled to motivate running from home since then, it’s a mental battle.. I enjoy it once I’m out but that’s the easy bit.. I’ve not been on the bike much either because I feel guilty for not running. ha ha it all sounds daft as I write it and that’s because it is.

I caught up with Dave (Gruffalo) Mcgarvie yesterday to beast each over on the road bikes. Followed with a few beers and food with the wife’s after. Loved it.
I was struggling with the idea of loosing time training today and got down about it yesterday…but the ride with Dave and then today seeing Babs smiling full of life, slapped me back into place. Oh and this pic she sent me yesterday while I was dragging my feet around the house.With the message “This is you”Nicknames are for life πŸ˜‰.

When did I stop doing what I enjoy and not the things I feel I should? Today Babs ran her second half marathon race on consecutive weekends, she’s mental. Bedford half is part of their running festival, it’s a busy event set in the lovely Priory park. She absolutely nailed it too… I get so much out of seeing her grow as a runner. I’ve been guiding her alongside Tris 10 (her coach) to getting her ready from the Yorkshire marathon in October. Her first one of any is my prediction. While she was out pounding the ground, I got to spend the day with JB, walking, chilling, people watching and chatting. I’m a lucky man….So what I’m trying to say is like Irene’s pic says.. don’t waste time on things that don’t really matter… Stop and enjoy the things that do… Don’t let your goals ruin the journey… One life people… enjoy it πŸ‘πŸ˜˜.

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