Green is the magic colour.

With all this rubbish about the Brexit going on, less gets mentioned about the Ozone and environment. Strange that, as I’m sure most of us are more concerned about our planet rather than this constant political warfare of rubbish. Over the last few weeks I can’t help but notice the colour Green. Tree’s/grass/plants their all full of life and colour, just look around. I can’t remember the last time our countryside looked so full of life. The birds are busy and I’ve seen plenty of Kingfisher/Jay/All breeds of Tit/Green Woodpecker and all the other usual suspects. I even heard my first call of a Cuckoo the other day, summer must be here. Take a walk and see for yourself, or just look around while you travel. Green,white and yellow dominant your vision.

Hows my mental health I hear you say…. Well, still stable and it’s easier to control. I miss the challenge of running everyday and surprisingly writing the blog. In fact I’d say writing down words and wording my thoughts was more powerful than the running. Don’t get me wrong the running played a big part too. It gave me time, time to ponder in my thoughts and time away from distraction. I’m not running as much as I’d like now but I’m biking more,which I’ve missed. Work is busy too with a new contractor,the dust is about settled from adjusting, so time to up my game and get some miles in. I’m so happy to see that some of you also gained from last year. So many positive comments and thanks received… Keep it up, push through the tough days and enjoy the great ones….Reflection…. Always take time to stop and reflect…. Are you happy and well, mentally and physically… Are you giving yourself enough time to just be… Are you kind to others… Are you doing what you want and achieving towards your goals… Make sure it’s your goal and not somebody else’s…All simple questions but we need to take time to ask them. Running is my time for this and I need to make more of this time again..I’m sat on the plane right now, heading to Greece for our holiday. We’re meeting up with Harry, Tony and Pam. Unfortunately Julie has stayed home due to an injury, sorry to here this 👎. We’ve been looking forward to this all year, the weather looks a bit wet. This doesn’t bother me too much but it’s put a slight downer on it for Babs. Yes the weather changes things but change with it, don’t fight it.

We’re both gonna miss JB, I hate being away from him.

On the plus side it’s gonna be nice to spend some time together without him too. So what else has happened?I’ve put on a little weight, only a little. My biking is getting better again but it’s been a fast learning curve. Everyone is so strong now and I’ve been pushed to my limits a few times. We did the Dirty Riever again, with a new member. Si Riches…

It was so cold but a great challenge. We all started together and rode our own rides to the finish. A beautiful part of the world. I also competed in the Silverdale and Derwent dawdle races. Placing 5th and 10th overall, both was tough but great fun.We took my mum and dad with us to Briathwaite for the weekend (of the Derwent dawdle). They loved it and we loved spending time with them. Even though I was a bit knackered after the race, for a bit ha ha.

So I’m updating from the resort restaurant enjoying a coffee. Looking over the bay, the sun is coming out after heavy rain all morning. The others are off doing either Pilates or gym stuff. I thought I’d take this time to reflect. I picked up an injury after the Derwent dawdle, in my back. Nothing intense but it’s restricting. Combined with a stomach bug, I’m finding it hard going. Felt loads better yesterday but stiff as a stick today and a dodgy tummy last night. It won’t stop me having fun but has slowed me down. Had a nice steady group MTB ride yesterday, we even got to herd the sheep in.

We had a fantastic experience in the thunderstorms and heavy rain Monday. Was a bit of fun.

So with the next event coming up quickly (Lakeland 5 passes) which I’m running with Patrick and Maggy. I feel a long way off ready but that’s normal. We always feel unprepared, that’s just being human. I’m sure this back will get sorted and the miles will be flowing again soon. Doubt and the want for improvement is what drives us forward, embrace it and move forward.

I’ll leave you with this lovely evening pic from yesterday.

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