Storm Gareth.

Well what can I say, I’ve missed you all. As I sit in the van, getting battered by the wind and rain of storm Gareth. I watched my end of year film. While eating my lunch next to a river near March.

A bit odd you say? Watching a video of yourself, Well maybe but I bloody love it. It always brings me back to that feeling of pride and being totally overwhelmed. What I get most from it though is how John has captured me, the real me. The bare me. The unburdened me. The me without judgement or hate. We can loose track of who we are and I’m so lucky have this short film, to help remind me.

It’s also made me feel slightly sad. Almost lost, NO wondering. Waiting. I need a new challenge, something big, something that’s gonna test me. I’m not sure what yet but I’m already excited by it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve already got some big challenges ahead of me….

The Dirty Reiver….120miles gravel ride.

The Derwent dawdle….20 ish miles running in the lakes.

The Lakeland 5 passes….. 33 odd miles.

The Etape……100+ ride in the Alps.

There all big challenges don’t get me wrong and I’m buzzing for everyone of them.

But! There’s something else burning inside.

I entered the Lakes in a day 50 mile ultra a week or so ago and this excites me. It’s a race from north Lake district to the South, over 2 major mountain ranges. A lot of elevation, a lot descending and a scratch I’ve been wanting to itch.

After loosing my brother this year and some good friends over the years past, some that’s having a rough time of it now. I know that Life is a gift.

Some people never open there gift, so how will they appreciate it.

I have and I liked what I see, so need to use it wisely now and not put it down.

My running is still ticking over and doing wonders for my health. I’ve also been upping my road biking miles again. This has been tough and has taking it out of me a bit, I’m enjoying it though. It has meant my running mileage has dropped. Not to worry though as soon as my biking strength is back, my running miles can increase.

Don’t forget to stop and listen, look around, smile, except the bad and believe and search for the good. It’s there in front of you.

Let’s get living 😎 X

3 thoughts on “Storm Gareth.

  1. I was only thinking about your blog today.. and there you go and post one… just too spooky!!!

    Lots of interesting stuff going on with me that resonates with the sentiment in this… (and I don’t mean that list of mountain challenges!!!!)

    I like the way you corrected yourself.. “not lost…”. It’s good to wonder… there is a saying… all who wonder are not lost!!!


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