Looking back.

So me again. It finally sank in on Friday, I ran 100 miles in 24 hours!

Oh my god! How did that happen?

I have been on a high and a low since the day. The low is because of the death of my brother, we see him at the chapel of rest yesterday. He looked at peace and out of pain, I said my goodbye X X

I’m so much stronger mentally from last year and I can feel it, I feel different. In a good way that is, so positive and balanced. I’ve started biking again and I’m loving it and catching up with great friends. I’m still running, not everyday but most. Got some challenges booked in already 😎.

Through the support of you lovely people that’s how I got to the 100 mile mark. You all made it easy for me and took up my mind when I needed you. So this only left me with the other 20% of the physical side. As I hope I’ve shown you all its 80% mind and only 20% physical. Control the mind and you can do anything.

It’s my turn to support you now and I’m loving every minute. I’m filled with pride with everyone’s goals and challenges you’ve set yourselves to complete. I feel like the little stone that dropped into the water and now I’m watching the little ripples turn into waves. How big these waves get is up to you.

Babs Burton the wife.

She’s running everyday since the Parkrun before my big run. She’s absolutely breezing it apart from a niggle in her ankle. I think she’s secretly after my title 😉. She’s also booked onto her first marathon later this year. So I’ll be helping to get her confidence up ready for this.

Kyron Burton my nephew.

He’s took up running and I’m buzzing from this. He’s ran every other day and he’s loving it. Did his first 5km distance ever the other day, he’s done it again since. Keep it up buh.

Hayley Roan

She’s currently well over half way too for running everyday in January. It sounds like she’s found it tough the last week but she’s got her head down and I have every confidence in her to complete this strong. Keep going Hayley your doing awesome, control that mind 🏃

Martyn Taylor

Marts joined me on the run and decided he needed to get in shape. He learnt how to enjoy running from the experience. He’s ran 5km or more everyday and also think he’ll just keep going. I ran with him yesterday and he looks a different man already. Lost an inch around the belly and a load of lbs too. He’s also started his own running club with other fireman, they run every night from the station. Total inspiration.

There’s others too –

Deb’s Matthews she’s just started running with Cookie the dog.

Lee Bush he’s planning to do the 3 peaks challenge.

Ruth Deegan is still running and starting to enjoy it.

Joe Deegan I’ve noticed a run on Strava, so watch this space.

The running Gorillas group are getting more active but I can’t take any credit for this, that’s Tristan’s doing 🏃👍.

Nicky Hull has found his love for running again and is his way to deal with his own mental health problems.

David Hayden is still smashing the miles out and he’s finally worked out how to use a watch ha ha.

Claire Hayden is back to longer distances again after her injury. First ultra this year?

So what have we learnt from last year?

– We all have some issues.

– We all underestimate ourselves.

– We all have so much more potential then we credit ourselves.

– It’s 100% better to give than to receive

– Seeing others grow and succeed is far more rewarding than our own achievements.


This is because when you’ve found yourself, like I have now, the journey never ends. It’s only just the beginning, so enjoy the journey and don’t focus too much on your goals. There just your targets for improvement.

I’ve decided to keep the blog going but only when I have stuff to say.

Love you all.

Keep moving.


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