Run everyday 2018 Epilogue.

Oh my god, what a year!

More to the point what a final run. By far my favourite run of the year. For so many different reasons. Here’s just a few.

– Seeing that finish line as I raced towards it, made me want to explode with emotions. Crossing it filled me with immense pride and satisfaction.

– Watching some of you do something you thought wasn’t possible and seeing your smile’s after doing, it made everything worth it.

– Sharing these moments with you all, that are so close and personal. Gave me super strength I never knew was there.

– We are amazing, when we act selflessly we become something greater. In my eyes this day, we produced something special. Let’s aim to be great all the time.

– I achieved my ultimate goal, to be able to help and inspire people. Feeling I’ve done that is my proudest achievement. The glow and love I felt on, before and after that last 3.1 miles will stay with me forever.

Thanks that need to go out for the 24 hour run.

– Firstly the amount of support I had. The day just kept on giving, with support runners, extra supplies, people helping and keeping Babs company, unexpected guests that surprised me, people running distances doubling/tripling there previous longest runs. Will power is true power.

– The weather.. so lucky with that. It stayed just about the same the whole run. Mild and calm.

– Babs… What a trooper… She didn’t stop the whole time… Answering calls, messaging, fetching food, running many laps. She made sure everything ran smoothly.

– Dave,Clive,David,Babs,Claire and Jackson for starting the first lap and Dave,Clive and david for doing the second.

– Then my right hand man, David Hayden. Where do I start? He was by my side. Not only into the third lap and multiple laps over but through the whole year. Apart from Babs at home he’s definitely gave me the most support and continuous words of wisdom.

– Lee Brocklesby, who decided last minute and come and join me at around 6:30pm on the 30th. He stayed all night clocking 31 miles (he doesn’t hardly run) He made sure I was safe and kept me motivated and also kept everyone fed and warm.

– Si Riches. He came over with his wife and daughter, they booked the hotel the same day back when I first posted the event. Jo and Tilly were awesome support and Si ran endless laps with me. Everyone of them a pleasure, he made it look way too easy too. Such a top man and a great inspiration👍.

– Darren O’Sullivan. He joined us for a lap and found it really hard going, he doesn’t run but he kept going. So he thought that coming back and running with us again through the night, was the best way to get better. Top top man and I know he was just making sure I was ok. Thanks mate 👍 and his son was happy that I finished safely.

– John Matthews. What a legend! Only just recovering from man flu days before. He stood/biked and walked around the course. Videoing as must as possible, continuous interviews through the day and night. He also set his van up as an emergency base for me. He spent many a selfless hour editing the documentary video, I’ll add the link to it here and also at the end. Please please please share it and let’s create awareness together.

…..The first proper energy drop I got, started after the 27 mile point and lasted for about 3 hours. I was kind of in my own world through this, so I apologize if I seemed that way. Tanya managed her first 10km in this period (she’d only started the couch to 5k a few months back and that was in prep for this event) that definitely gave me a boost to keep going. Also Tom powered some miles in (hasn’t ran in over a year) proper trooper. Martyn T gave a suprise appearance and smashed out 15km (hasn’t ran in 8 months). David and Amy, always a pleasure to spend time with and both smiled the whole time. During the support laps and the final lap.

The second came at around 70 miles and lasted till the last 2. This was done in torch light and a few extra supporters. Them last 30 miles were so tough and was mainly shared with Patrick and David, with Dean and Jack on bike support. Also Claire kept joining us on the bigger loops. Lee had gone back to bed, knowing I was in safe hands. Gasman was a great addition from 12-3am. Felt in total safe hands (even got a calf massage)but even after his trusted advise to keep going. At the 80 mile point I went for a lay down in the van. I’d been having continued trouble with digestion and keeping food down since 6:30pm. I just needed to rest and try to settle it. Patrick got me some indigestion tablets and a McDonald’s. I’d eaten 2 salted boiled eggs and some children wrap, and was laying under covers in my compression leggings when he returned. No sleep but a good rest. Legs felt great but stomach was the same, if not worse. Apart from the obvious aching and chaffing, my shoulder/neck was hurting from wrestling with JB on Boxing day and my left foot definitely felt wrong. I’d had a painful start after eating pizza, both feet was in a lot of pain. This is when I did my only full walk of the course and they were okay after that. Until my left foot went dodgy and I couldn’t tell you what time that started.

There’s so many moments and people to talk about, you all know who you are and there our moments to share. Thank you all so much for helping and sharing with me the second best days of my life. Here’s some words from some of you.

Babs Burton.

How to put in words your last run. To do this i have to start from the beginning… every day you have run, through heat, cold, rain, wind, exhaustion, pain, asthma, physical and mental struggles. Above this, you’ve blogged about it every day, which is no mean feat when spelling is not your forte and as a guest blogger now and again, I know how time consuming it is. This all is in addition to a full time job.

You have supported and inspired me to keep on with my running, entertaining me with your great analogies! And not loosing focus of your goal to inspire people and raise awareness of mental health.

When you did your Snowdon, I was blown away by your determination and the enormity of it. It never crossed my mind you would fail but I was still having kittens waiting for you!

Many people have been inspired by you this year, to do that little bit more (including JB & me) to achieve that 5k, that half or indeed marathon plus Many of these joined you on the 30th/31st.

So this brings me back to the final run so many words to describe it. Determination, mental strength, fitness, amazing friends, great supporters, pizza, crisps, inspiration, upbeat, good listener, beagle, sprint finish, parkrun – Groundhog Day!! Jackson!

It was great to see so many people coming out throughout the 24 hours and also the last lap.
My final words are thank you and I’m so very proud X X X

David Hayden.

Happy New Year

As I write this there is a massive veggie lasagna in the oven (ok it has bacon bits in it too) and I have a glass of red by my side reflecting on a somewhat surreal but brilliant 24 hours!

The alarm went off at 3.15 and was at the meeting place by 4…. no sign of anyone.. wondered if Steve was out on the course… nope he was having a well earned rest,,, over the course of the night he had got to 81 miles.. the 100 mile mark wouldn’t leave his head! So we were in the route before 5 and slowly very slowly ticking the miles off… a few people had been with him all night and a couple of peeps on bikes too. It was clear he was suffering- not his legs but his stomach- not being able to keep much food down.

We did a lap and rested.. Claire – child number three was running with us for a little bit but for some chunks just me n Steve and a biker… sorry didn’t get the name…

I took the selfie just before it got light – the time when loads of supporters were coming.

Those three hours are some of the best experiences of my running life.. feeling quite emotional typing this thinking back. Yes it was hard for Steve but dogged determination won the day. I firmly believe two things

1. There is always a solution- we may not be able to see it, like it, want it – but there is always a solution to any issues that face us

2. How we feel right now will be different in one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year… don’t evaluate the moment now!

The pain of those last few miles for Steve at 7am gave way to some smiles as others joined in an at just about 8.20 with about half a dozen people who had come out to support home gave a huge cheer as the 100 mark bit the dust.

Clive Wilkinson.

Right,where to start,it’s new years day now and 2 days ago myself and Dave Greasley made the trip to Ferry Meadows to meet up with Steve Burton,we’re going down to run a couple of laps with him,10k,to help him kick off his legendary 24hr run. I asked how many miles he was hoping to get in , might as well go for over 100 he replies 😮. Absolute madness but,and I said this before he completed it,I said I guarantee he’ll do it,and he did,103 miles! Please bare in mind this was the finale to a RED(run every day) challenge he set himself to celebrate his 40th. Of course,this is Peachy we’re talking about here,the runs varied from 5/10 km runs,to half marathons,to marathons and even a 50 mile Snowdon ultra! The thing you have to understand about Peachy though is he just loves this,he just chats and encourages you all the time,he’ll happily plod along with you at a slower pace. A couple of years ago me and Dave had the pleasure of running the peaks at Edale with Peachy,it’s just like he glides over the roughest terrains and flows down Rocky and rubbled slopes,he’s just so at home with the outdoors and a marvel to watch. I’ll stop waffling on now but I’ll just finish off by saying it’s a pleasure knowing you Steve and I look forward to seeing what madness you bring to the table in 2019.

Dave Greasley.

I’ve known Steve for a long time and I’ve honestly in all those years never had or heard a bad word said against him. He has a lust for life and an energy that is contagious. He has given me so much good advice since I started running a number of years ago, stuff that has really helped me improve, little tips and tricks that have proved invaluable. To run every day for a year is a massive undertaking, not only physically but more so mentally. There must have been days where he thought…. nah…. but he did and that’s amazing.
Lol and to finish the year he ran the Peterborough park run course continuously for 24 hours which in itself is a tough challenge.
Peachy never ceases to blow me away with his endeavours and I can’t wait to see what he takes on next 🙂

Hayley Roan

Hey again Steve,
Just wanted to say, as you know, I’ve followed your journey for the whole year, religiously reading your blog and feeling like I’ve witnessed something very special.
Your mental and physical strength has amazed me. Your candid personal revelations in your blog has made your whole journey feel like something we’ve all been on with you.
Huge, huge respect for what you’ve achieved this year. You’ve certainly helped me to understand that the only limit to what I can achieve is me!
Being part of your final lap with your friends and family and feeling the love and respect everyone has for you was truly incredible.
Well done Steve and keep up those day baths!

Alex Ashcroft

Is that only a year? 😂 .not enough words to convey your achievements as I’ve followed you over the year . Enjoy some rest and I look forward to your next adventure. Keep the blog going xx

Jemima Gee

Just ran 10k at Ferry Meadows in support of the amazing Steve Burton. He has just done over 100 miles in loops round the park over the last 24 hours. He has also completed the challenge of running every day in 2018. An incredible inspiring, determined, lovely bloke with an equally amazing wife Babs Burton.

Matt Tailby

Well done Stevo awesome!!! Tristan enjoyed his support lap yesterday👊👊👊

Nick Rutta

One of my best achievements in 2018 here in picture! thank you Steve Burton.

Justin Deegan

Steve Burton, what a legend.
100 mile run in 24hr, not for charity but as a challenge to himself, not only that but he ran at least 3 miles everyday during 2018. Also incredibly proud of my family who ran with Steve on his final lap.

Mike Shad Williams

Fooking awesome Steve. Most impressive thing for me is how much you will have motivated the little fella behind you. Go little JD! X

Jayne light

Just home after supporting Steveo tonight. I biked the course (because quite frankly I can’t run for s**t!) 😆 He was on mile 66 as we headed off home, he’ll continue to run through the night until 9am #24hourchallenge Please read his blog 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃‍♂️ What an amazing achievement. #mentalhealthawarness

Here’s a few boring stats of my year 😎.

So I’ve learnt so so much this year. Not only about myself but about life and others. It’s all in here to read as it happened, so read on. I’m always happy to try and answer anything you want to ask, so come ask and join me sometime. It’s a very sad moment for me to say goodbye to the blogworld but it’s time to stop. I’m gonna carry on pushing myself and my best advice to you is to do the same. I’ve only just started to get to know the best of me and I can’t wait to find out more. Remember your different and so am I, that’s what makes us all special.

Share share share.

Stephen Eardley Burton 6/7/1978.

Sadly we lost my oldest brother this morning at Boston Pilgrim Hospital. He was with our parents and his boy, Jake (and family)

He left us at around 5am in the 4th of January 2019. His declined mental health and alcoholism over the years changed and broke him. I’ll always remember how he always made us laugh, do stupid things and not take life seriously.

R.I.P. Bro love ya X x X.

Not talking about our Mental health kills.

7 thoughts on “Run everyday 2018 Epilogue.

  1. I’ve just sat reading this and I’m so sorry about your brother but so proud to know you and you must be feel so so proud of yourself , mental health affects us all in so many ways and it’s so important to talk and look out for each other , amazing job 😍😍

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