Day 363.

Peterborough Parkrun for real this morning, by this I mean it’s parkrun day. Meeting up with the Hayden’s for the run and some breakfast afterwards. I’m writing this part of the blog before we go, I’ve already walked Jackson, so he’s staying home. He’s had his breakfast and know he’s chilled.

Today is the last run before the 24 hour on Sunday. If I was doing it today am I ready? I’m not sure, possibly not. Fitness wise I’m as ready as I can be but preparation wise no. I have everything I need, I just need to get it all together and sorted. Didn’t sleep great last night, maybe a sign that I’ve caught up on sleep or maybe I just couldn’t turn off. Went to Kirton last night to meet the lads. The mood was low as 3 of them are going through it at the moment. Got to talk to all 3 and hope talking helped clear there minds a bit. It’s easy to find bad news don’t you think? That’s why we need to strive to produce good things for ourselves and for others…..

We got to Ferry meadows a little after David and the gang and they spotted us before we spotted them. Which is amazing really, as Claire was fully illuminated head to toe and Karen also had a bright top on. A quick chat up and then listened to Gordon doing the pre run talk… (It’s his 250th parkrun on the 14th January, will be there for that. He started the parkrun at Peterborough and has done so much to help others, great bloke) Runner tourists from Australia and New Zealand this morning, think this stopped others speaking up ha ha.

Me and David moved up the crowd a bit, it’s very busy and I’m looking forward to getting into some space. Too many people ahead of there pace and we’re soon easily passing people, some of them walking. I doesn’t really matter it’s only for fun and we enjoyed whizzing past while chatting.

So while chatting Dave mentioned about a thought he had on his short run the other day.

He said “this day was tough going and I thought, could I actually run under an 8 min/mile pace anymore?”

I said “of course you can, let’s do it today, mile 3 👍” he grunted then agrees. So we carry on nice and steady and slowly increasing our pace. Mile 2 and 3 ended up under 8min/miles ha ha in fact overall pace for me was under it.

With perfect progressive splits too.

We both pushed on to the finish and we agreed to power the last half a km on our own. Felt great to blow the cobwebs and to stretch the muscles out, we both agreed on that and feel set up nicely for the morning.
I watched and cheered the girls in while ran back to meet Karen and ran in with her.

We all got some warm clothes on and headed to the sailing club for a full English and some planning. We’re meeting at the Boathouse for a pre run meal and beer later. We also talked about the run and our targets, goals and thoughts.

My next blog will be in a few days and will be my final one. 2 in 1

DH blog and miles.

3.88 – Dec total 181.3 miles


3.12 – Dec total 198.81 miles.

Day 363 done 2 to go.

3.1 miles.

2232.8 miles total.

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