Day 362. Family run.

Same again please.

Back to ferry meadows for an 8am (8:15 Babs time) start. A bit of dull but nice morning, still mild for the time of year. I forgot my fanny belt today so photos by the van it is.

Reminds me of Scooby Doo this one ha ha. “Shaggy”

A very slightly later start and seems so much busier, not a bad thing at all and everyone seems friendly. We run together the whole my round, apart from when JB is off the lead. The Gunwade lake looks stunning, so flat and reflective, I was gutted I never had my phone on me. That picture was for me and Babs X

The ducks, geese and every other bird you can think off was busy this morning. Fly bys, noisy calls and generally splashing around. I’d like to think it’s because their happy to see us 🤔.

We finished the run and went over to chat to the park Ranger. He hasn’t seen Yogi or Boo Boo ha ha, I didn’t ask, although it was on my mind. He was a nice chap and we discussed parking and stuff, he’s not on that day but think we have things sorted best we can.

DH blog and miles.

5.93 Dec total 177.4


3.34 – Dec total 195.69 miles.

Day 362 done 3 to go 😥.

3.3 miles.

2229.7 miles total.

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