Day 361. Holy cow 2 days before craziness.

Good Morning from Ferry meadows, the birdss we’re dancing around again this morning but couldn’t get a good pic of them. I messaged DH to say I’m on time for the 8am start and we’re heading to the imaginary start line.

We take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and to soak up all my emotions and feeling for the 30th. Only 2 more runs after today, till the big two in one run. Then that’s it. The end of the challenge, I don’t really want it to end but also looking forward to getting on with the next challenge.

I’m in a better place this morning, feel a bit better in myself too. Think I must of had a slight bug the last week or so, resting is defiantly getting on top of that now. My boy is always around to give me support too.

Had a lovely run with JB on and off the lead, plenty of other dog walkers and a few runners out. One bloke I passed a few times or maybe he passed me, I’m not sure. He had a head torch on (turned off) so I’m guessing he’d been out for a while, was a pretty quick pace too. Just a nice steady and kind of a social run for us today. With a lap of the carpark at the end, to test charging my watch during an activity. It was difficult to keep the connection but otherwise successful, so that’s promising.

DH Blog and miles.

David informed me he lost his blog as it didn’t load. Gutting! But strangely I’d done the same ha ha but managed to retrieve mine. So I’ll add his blog when I have it 👍.

4.24 – Dec total 171.53 miles


3.66 – Dec total 192.35 miles

Day 361 done 4 to go.

3.6 miles.

2226.4 total miles.

(I do update my total mileage to link with my Strave account now and then, just in case you’ve noticed things not adding up. Them 0.01-9’s add up you know)

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