Day 360. Boxing Day.

Bed was calling this morning but we had a busy day, so needed to crack on. Just planned on doing the parkrun course, so that’s what I did. Drove over to ferry meadows, a few cars already there with people walking their dogs. It was just getting light at around quarter to seven. I got nervous thinking about Sunday as I pass the cafe.

How the hell am I gonna do this? Why the hell have I set this challenge, am I mental? Seems that way today. I feel totally overwhelmed again, totally. I can’t take it, so before I get to the start line I started running. Felt so much better now I’m moving. My asthma is playing up this morning, even though I’d took my inhaler. All that snacking and booze has took its toll, I was kind of expecting it so hey ho. That’s just the way it is, asthma is a way of life. It’s nice that the park isn’t empty, not busy but people about. The lakes are buzzing with life too.

My mind is wondering over and over about the run. How can I run for 24 hours when this feels hard now. After seeing these flowers on a bench, knowing that someone is going through a crap time while others are celebrating, brings me down to earth. I’m lucky that I have the chance to attempt this and with every chance of completing it. Stop worrying about what if’s and doubting myself, strap in Burton and enjoy the ride. Not everyone enjoys Christmas time.

But we can all enjoy life.

After this my run got easier and I soon got to the finish line. Luckily the toilets were open as all this rich food wanted to get out!

I had a message off David

Just psyching myself up to do a two miler !!!

Come on mate JFDI

Then sent my mileage for extra motivation. He was already running and replies telling me so ha ha. He also sent an upsidedown action pic.

DH blog and miles.

2.49 – Dec total 167.29 miles.


3.38 – Dec total 188.69 miles.

Day 360 done 5 to go.

3.3 miles.

2218.3 miles total

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