Day 358. 7 days to go.

Christmas Eve and I’m up early again, looking forward to today though. Meeting me old mate John M. He’s kindly offered to document this year’s challenge and mainly the final event. John’s known as a bit of a legend for his videos. Back in the day he used to give a lot of his time up filming us kitesurfing, as well as getting out on the water too. 18 years of footage and friendship, I feel honoured and privileged for him to do this for me. Thanks mate.

So today I drove and met John at Roydon common, near Kings Lynn. The carpark was under maintenance so parking was a bit challenging, bit gutted I didn’t get a pic. Nevermind John probably bit. We discussed ideas and I explained the area as although John lives 10mins up the road, he’d never been here. A few clips of me getting ready and heading off. Then we go into the common. The mist is looking amazing, almost could be in the mountains. The bit of cloud were the sun will rise, will make or break it. Either gonna be a stunning light display with low mist or dull and fog. But for now it was lovely.

We try different shots, angles and ideas before heading into the next meadow. This is where I thought we could make a base a hopefully get some drone footage. John set up while JB wondered around and I watched. Was happy to see the information boards have been updated.

This didn’t take long at all and after me cracking some Gatwick jokes, the drone was up and running.

So time for me and the boy to get moving too. We just ran around here until we got what we needed. Up and down the hills and through the heath’s. We ran some loops and generally had some time just running for fun with the boy. Looking forward to seeing the footage, fingers crossed it came out ok. The first bigger loop didn’t go to plan as John lost vision in the fog ha ha. Luckily he spotted the brick tower from the drone camera. Once we packed away, kind of brought on by the fact that a family turned up, only walking there dogs not having a moan. They looked more interested than anything but we were finishing off anyway. On the way back we get a bit more footage and both stop to get some pics. We realised that the perfect sunrise isn’t gonna happen. Unfortunately my phone doesn’t do it justice and I think John’s lens steamed. Trust me when I say it was a great view.

It didn’t quite come though as thought and as we packed up and got our vehicles free from the verge, the fog had set in. Again didn’t get a pic 😔.

John went home and I headed home, stopping at Starbucks for a coffee and to write this on route. DH has also done his run, so we’d of been running at similar times. Which is kind of spooky, as neither of us mentioned our plans for today. Well at least I don’t remember doing.

I also need to do a voice over for John, I hate hearing my own voice. Time to get uncomfortable again but in a different way 👍.

DH blog and miles.

3.62 – Dec total 161.62 miles.


4.36 – Dec total 182.16 miles.

Day 358 done 7 to go.

4.3 miles.

2211.8 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 358. 7 days to go.

  1. There are tougher things you face – so hearing your voice as others do is something you just have to get over…. took ages for me to get used to!!!

    Brill photos even if they don’t capture what you saw.. and what an ace momento of this year…

    Liked by 1 person

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