Day 357. 8 days to go.

Oh my good only 8 days left, the days are going so fast. 1 week from now I’ll be 7 hours into the biggest challenge of my life. So far 😉. Its almost too big for me to digest but I will, bit by bit it’ll fight my way through it. I’m fitter than ever and mentally stronger from this whole years experience. All I can do it stick to the plan and take it all in.

After a late night at my Christmas do last night ( way after midnight before we got home ) we was up again at 6:20am. I drove last night as I’m driving again this morning ( that’s right Babs drank at my works do and I didn’t ) I’m glad I was driving though as the roads were horrible, raining and sitting water everywhere.

We got to Clumber park just in time for me to use my trusty toilet and sign the GDPR forms. We’re doing our annual Christmas Clumber Trust 10k run with the Hayden’s. I met David, Karen and Claire and we all headed over to the start to meet Babs. All keen to start. Although Babs is hiding and we’ve gained a Donny bloke 👍

There was a noisy dog that was a bit anxious I reckon, even Jackson tried to calm him down. Maybe they should have stepped out of the crowd a bit. Me and the boy started right at the back and walked the first bit, the same idea as yesterday really. Then slowly started picking people off. We passed Babs and Claire as their running together today but we carried on. Not too fast but fast enough to steadily catch up with Dave. He was running well though and didn’t spot him till nearly half way. lost sight of him briefly as he took his jacket off without me seeing, nearly went straight past him ha ha. The dream team are United.

Now with plus one, the first time Dave as ran with JB.

We had a great run through the mud and puddles, getting wet and filthy. Every time I run with him his progress blows my mind, I honestly think his running has no where near peaked yet. Looking forward to seeing what happens next year.

After finishing the run, I took the boy back to the van for food and a rest, he’s knackered from all the running lately. Then went back to Karen and Dave to cheer the other runners and to see Babs and Claire run in. Look how happy they are, both have injuries there getting over from too.

I love getting down and dirty.

We all go to the café for our Christmas breakfast together, were the woman behind the counter got confused by mushrooms. That’s another story though. I was gonna say one of the cracker jokes but I’ve forgot them all.

This is me reading not sleeping while Babs is talking ha ha.

DH blog and miles

6.27 – Dec total 158 miles.


6.31 – Dec total 177.8 miles.

Day 357 done 8 to go.

6.31 miles.

2207.51 miles total.

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