Day 351. 17/31 Danger!

Is Deep water dangerous? Only if you can’t swim or if your tied up or something. What a crazy country we live in, where we have to state out the obvious. Silly little safety signs to protect us. What from? Are we that stupid? Or just ignorant? Common sense and caution should be the main tool of safety, shouldn’t it?


If we faced fear instead of hiding from it, we’d all be a better and stronger version of us…

Not doing something we fear or are told to fear, is just stopping progression in ourselves and not allowing our strengths to grow.

The saying – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – means get used to doing what you don’t like.

– Train your weaknesses, in sports, socially and academically.

All this from one sign ha ha and from listening to David Goggins audiobook “Can’t Hurt Me” This bloke just tells it how it is, could listen to him all day.

So this morning I had 2 crumpets with avocado spread on them. Drove to Hertfordshire and parked at Panshanger. Strangely lighter this morning, was a few minutes behind but not that much. I still took my head torch, just in case. Turns out I didn’t need it, work that out. Planned a 5 miler but was short on time, my fault really, so thought about doing the 4 miler. Then I thought sod that I’m doing it! I’ll just have to run faster. Bare in mind it’s all off road and very muddy this morning but I felt great. In fact I felt fantastic, I couldn’t even feel any kind of fatigue. I reckon this is the avocado effect, energy levels felt sky high..

I got back in reasonable time, didn’t have a shower just washed but happy with 7:38 minute/miles. Especially after the last week.

I know David is running later today, I was sure he said 1pm and running with his work colleague. I wasn’t definitely sure because of phone swapping and stuff. So while driving the few miles to work I thought, I’ll run at 1 too. So I messaged him nearer the time to make sure on the time and to let him know my plan. He liked it, 1pm it was, so it’s back on 👍🏃.

I was a little later after 1 but he’d messaged to let me know their on time. Their doing 4-5 miles and I would have time for a couple, so all good. I still had my shorts on underneath, so a quick orange while I got ready. Off I went…..

Took in some of the trails we did on Friday but improvised after a mile or so. I could see the tower on my left so took a trail that way. It’s quite undulating around there so lost sight of it. Then I came to a road. Ummmmm not sure where I am but I did notice the latch on the gate reminded me of another one. They must all be broke round ere, here’s a pic of a bodged together one earlier in the run.

Checked Google maps and ha ha it was that gate 😎. As I crossed the road and looked back I couldn’t believe I didn’t realise. I added a little loop on back to the job, got changed and carried on. After a quick brew that is 😉. Shorts again for both runs and no jacket either. Was a lovely day a dinner, sunny and warm and not too cold this morning.

Babs ran to the rowing lake while I walked the boy. She passed her 700 miles for the year on this run. Congratulations wifey X X.

DH blog and miles

4.4 – total 111.7 miles


5.42 + 2.52= 7.94 – total 129.79 miles

Day 351 done 14 to go.

7.9 miles.

2164.5 miles total.

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