Day 346. London town.

So the day has come, 2 become 1. We’ve obviously ran together before but this is the first one off this month and it’s been planned. Dave works in London a bit, so this is the day that works for both of us and I’ve been looking forward to it.

Today started very different to the rest of the month, no morning run. Was a nice change going to bed not thinking about my run but also I felt slightly lost. All day at work I felt like I forgot something or something was missing. I was able to finish early and get the 4:40 train. I let Dave know and he’d finished early too, so spot on. On the train towards my first London run.

After a bit of confusion, we meet and head back to his hotel near by. We get ready ( well I get ready as he’s ready ) then set off. I instantly notice how busy it is and we have to dodge and avoid people constantly. In a strange way I enjoy this, it’s different and we’re busy chatting anyway, so all’s good. Before I know it we’re on the canal path. Still plenty of commuters heading home or to meet people. Bet this is even better in the summer, proper enjoy this. Plenty of barges and lovely buildings to look at too.

We chat the whole way and it almost seems to easy. Would liked to of took more pics but was just taking it all in. Here’s a fantastic book shop/ boat/library.

When we came back up to the streets, we’re in

Camden town.

More canal paths and back through some posh streets to run up Primrose hill. Absolutely stunning view, these pics don’t do it justice.

We head round a running track near Regents park and run past the zoo. I’m blown away buy the beauty of the place and buildings. I’ve forgotten the names but was all amasing. We ran around the old gas tower statue thing, that felt weird but funny.

Great company and a wicked run, better than expected. Thanks mate πŸ‘. Then back to the room for a shower and we head out for food. Everywhere is busy, so book a table and wait at the bar. This is where the plan for the 30th is announced. DH wants to join me and achieve his longest run. Not the whole event but some of it. Bloody great idea! That’s what it’s all about, I love it. I suggest starting at 3am and aiming for 30+, he’s undecided. For food I had a mixed grill and he had seabass and both was really good. I had a great night, we both understand eachother and the conversation flows. Possibly a bit too much drink though – if that’s possible – and now I’m on the train writing this. It’s 23:15 and I’m up at 5am (as is Dave) for a 12 miler 😲. Bring it on πŸƒ.

DH blog and miles

6.27 – 76.73 total


6.38 (don’t know why it’s different) – 76.72 total.

Day 346 done 19 to go.

6.3 miles.

2109.8 miles total.

4 thoughts on “Day 346. London town.

  1. That is the difference between strava and runkeeper!! Haha – it’s fab how we both had the same experience and both have different takes.. and er urmmm sorry fella… no such thing as too much wine lol!!!! And it was brill seeing sone of my fav off route parts of London through your eyes…

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