Day 344. 10/31.

DH blogs and miles

5.5- total 61.7 miles




5.41- total 61.84 miles.

Have the legend with me today, first time I’ve took him to work in ages.

I was looking forward to sharing my run with him, on his first visit to Panshanger. Dave is working from home today and is running with Karen (his wife) for the first part of his run. I know there running at 7:30am (which became 7:40) So this means we don’t start together again but means I’ll be running my last mile as the run the first. All 3 of us together πŸ‘. I was a bit later starting than planned too, as wasn’t set up proficiently to include the dog. Will learn from this morning and improve on that.

With all the stuff I had going on and also the hangover yesterday. I’d totally missed out the fact, (which Dave mentioned in yesterday’s blog) it was our first run of the month not running at the same time, or part of the time. Think I was too excited about my new trainers too πŸ€”.

This morning at Panshanger was just light enough to run by natural light. I had my pacer and guide leading me for the first half too. He was loving it and loved having him with me. Been some dark lovely runs lately, missed having him with me. The second half after passing another dog walker, I let him off the lead and he stays off till the end. Great fun. Unfortunately no pics as forgot my fanny belt to hold the phone. Absolutely loving the new spreds.

Day 344 done 21 to go.

5.4 miles.

2095 miles total.

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