Day 339. 5/31 Dark and wet, did I mention dark.

Pitch black, raining, muddy, moths in my torch light, bright eyes looking back at me, spooked out and not 06:30 yet. Living the dream and loving it.

Day 5/31


8.7 miles – total 26.4 miles.


8.53 miles – total 26.47 miles

First time I’ve really needed my torch at Panshanger, so a new experience.

Don’t really like running with torch light. It locks you into a 2-3 meter world, hiding from the dark. For me it leaves me unaware of what’s going on around me. I did feel as if I was running in a time warp with the rain in the torchlight.

Then theres the eyes, that noise, was that a fox? Or a Griffin? Or maybe a rabbit. Ha ha it does spook me a little, I won’t lie but I don’t worry too much as long as the eyes are below waist level 🏃. On my second lap of the route, about a third of the way around, I turned it off. Just about enough light to see now. Instantly felt at ease and relaxed into the surroundings again. This fella seemed more comical that spooky now it’s a bit lighter – had to turn my head torch on to get a good pic –

I was so tempted to add a loop round to great Oak, I even turned to go that way. Stopped and turned back, telling myself to stick to the plan. Across the meadow towards the rangers house I pass a female runner, we nod and say “morning” . This makes me think, I see and know a lot more female runners than men. Is this because most blokes think shouting at sports on a TV is exercise? Or are women actually just tougher and have more go in them then most blokes? Possibly. Get back to the van to wash in the rain and to eat breakfast. This is when I find out that Dave had gone slightly over the distance. Ha ha should of done the extra loop. He also get his blog done in super quick time, another great read too. Time for work.

Day 339 done 26 to go.

8.5 miles

2060.4 miles total.

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