Day 337. 28 days to go.

Day 3/31

Me 4.21 miles, total 13.85 miles

David 4.11 miles, total 13.62 miles

This morning was a strange one. Instead of the mad rush to get there and get as many miles in as possible. I know I’m only doing the 4 miles to plan and Dave ain’t running till about 7:45am. I still need to get there in good time as need to be at for 8am still and I do. I messaged to see how’s he’s getting on and to say I’m waiting till 7:10am – which ended up being 7:12am – to leave it as late as I could. I ended up subconsciously upping my usual pace, worried about being late I guess. Had a great run though and it’s still unseasonably warm out. I made a woman jump as I called “morning” to let her know I’m there. She was out walking her dog with her baby in pram. That’s dedication for you. I can’t believe how good this running with a joint schedule is. I really hope Dave is feeling the same. Although I know his week is a lot busier than mine, so alot more getting organised for him. I do appreciate you doing this mate and I know your doing it for me more than for you. Although I know you’ll be enjoying the challenge too 👍.

Day 337 done 28 to go.

4.2 miles.

2047.9 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 337. 28 days to go.

  1. mate the thought of running at the same time (even if not pace!!) is brill – love it… been a hectic day – rushed to get the blog out whilst doing a million other things that I get paid to do – whoops!! hahahaha!! I had the idea way back in September – just hanging there – about a month before I shared the 31 idea thing with you – got to share the 30th thing in my head with you yet – articulated it for the very first time with someone you kind of know someone who knows him – and he said I should do it – so next Wednesday fella – will share my bonkers thought with you…. it was hard today – normally do that run at a 10 – 11 min mile pace coz I am wearing a rucksack – a min quicker and 1.5 miles longer – my legs were telling me off – tomorrow will be slower – but earlier – and checking out part of the run for the 12th… looking forward to that!!!

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