Day 336. 29 days to go.

Day 2/31

Me 6.51 miles total 9.64 miles

David 6.26 miles total 9.51 miles

Here’s David Hayden’s first 2 blogs for our joint effort to the end of 2018. Both fantastic reads and so far so good on the runs.

Day 1

Day 2

I need to up my blogging game I reckon, good job it’s not a competition 😉.

So as David said in his blog, he was running a club 10k today. They started at 10:30am so this means we started at 10:30am.

We walked a bit, till the time was bang on. Then we started.

Was a weird morning really, as I was up early because of the pets and normally I’d have gone out first thing. After discussing about running the same time as eachother -although in the week this will be extremely difficult but one will be finishing as the other starts maybe, so still as best as we can- I waited till 10:30. Had a sleep on the sofa for a bit to keep the boy company. Probably should of took him for a walk but was gonna run with him and to be honest, I felt knackered. So after clock watching the time eventually came. – I had also done some planning for potentially going to Dublin, to run the Rock and Roll half with Babs- Babs had gone litter picking this morning and me and JB are keeping to schedule.

Stanground loop here we come. It seemed a bit dull compared to David’s run. He had a run with running buddies followed by beers. I did have JB though and this fella looked like he needed a drink.

Was mild today and although I was taking it easy – as secretly I’m trying to guess match the same pace as Dave – 🤫 maybe that’s not a secret now. I was sweating a good un, pouring off my head, totally overdressed.

The boy is exceptionall today and he stays with me or close by me the whole time. The path got busy for a couple of minutes, with runners and dog walkers but otherwise, nice and peaceful. So had loads of time to think. Sometimes a bad thing but today it was good.

I spent the run analysing myself. Is that wise? I hear you say. Well, probably not but here’s what I’ve come up with.

I’m a very practical person and in many ways quite clever too. I’m also a kind person and I like to help everyone and anyone but! And here’s the but…….

I speak before I think. Alot. Not always the right thing to do. My speaking of thoughts reactions are rapid. Uncontrollable at times.

I give advice and help when it’s not needed or asked for. Sometimes its appreciated but other times not.

I get very frustrated when people don’t take or listen to my advice. This is because I think I’m right, don’t we all? Obviously only 9/10 times 😉

I also get anxious when people have no flow, manners, reason or direction. Supermarkets get my blood boiling.

I wind myself up because I can be unorganised and sometimes indecisive.

I do believe that knowing yourself and understanding why you do things is the key to happiness.

I think this explains why running is so good for me, it ticks all the boxes. This is also why I do decent times in busy races, I try to get out of everyone’s way ha ha. This also explains why I love trail and mountain races so much, less people but usually a more relaxed and organised lot.

Like David said in his blog today 80-90% of running is in the head, I’m inclined to go one step further and say 80-90% of running is for your head.

Day 336 done 29 to go.

6.5 miles

2043.7 miles total.

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