Day 332. Back to the grindstone.

Alarm went off at 4:45am, shock to the system or what 😴. Soon pressed the snooze button πŸ‘‰. So didn’t get off any earlier but still made good time and got to Panshanger for 6:50am. Pitch black and only one other car.

Made use of my loo, then got ready and got moving. Up through the trees, nice and steady. Nearly turned back for the head torch but didn’t. Then after loosing the path and running into a branch, grazing my leg in the process, I wished I had. Was around 7:20 by the time the dark lifted, gonna be a long night on the 30th. The good news is that the light definitely gave me a boost. Legs are still a bit tired but feel ok and definitely improving. With the daylight coming so did the rain and the wind. Felt brilliant and fresh running into the wind, across the meadow to the rangers house. I soon warmed up again going up the hill ha ha. The single-track by the main road was a bit slippy, as it’s slightly downhill on this bit, it made it good fun. Added another loop back to the rangers house, then headwind across the meadows to the van.

A quick wash and change -as I was running late- Then off to work while eating my fruit.

Day 332 done 33 days to go.

5.9 miles.

2028.5 miles total.

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