Day 324. Watching the sunrise.

Got the drive in right this morning, didn’t stop and got there for 6:54am. Was the first one here this morning, not for long though. Their were 3 cars by the time I started running. Just stuck with hill loops this morning, was aiming for 6 miles but ran out time. Was lovely seeing the day wake and listening to the birds. The squirrels didn’t get busy till about 7:20am, must of had a lay in. Got to stop and watch the sun come up over the tree’s as I finished.

Aiming to get to the Falcon Inn at Fotheringhay, for a 6:30pm run. Just had a quick change and grabbed a McDonald’s at Brampton hut services. I’ll let you know how I get on ………..

Well I made it in time and Amy and Emma wasn’t far behind, Maggy got held up in traffic so didn’t make it. I lent Amy our a torch and we’re ready to go, on time 😲.

Well sort of. Amy’s watch wouldn’t get going. Then a little up the road Emma needed to adjust her head torch, then we got going πŸƒ. Was a nice change to run on the roads, apart from the traffic. The A1 was closed near the 47, so think this made people divert that way πŸ‘Ž. Most people was good but some we’re bloody dangerous. Apart from that it was lovely. The moon was nearly full so loads of light. If it wasn’t for the traffic we wouldn’t need torch light, I didn’t anyway. We all soon got warm and lost a layer or two. Great company and a really nice second run of the day. We then met the cyclist’s in the pub for a beer and snacks. Seems ages since I’ve seen them all, great little catch up. Totally shattered this morning though, opted for an extra half hour in bed. Run will wait till after my physio today πŸ‘.

Day 234 done 41 to go.

5.8 miles.

6.5 miles.

1983.4 miles total.

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