Day 323.

Felt a bit short changed with the journey this morning. Set off in good time with ETA being 6:43am. Perfect to get a six miler in. I even left it later before my 10 minutes toilet and coffee stop. This put my ETA back to 7:10am gutted, bloody traffic!

Made a couple of minutes back an got there at 7:08am, nevermind. Was 7:15 by the time I got running, so just went a similar route as yesterday. While running by the field, there’s a couple of crows eating worms. Then what I soon realised to be maybe a Hobbie or Buzzard took flight. Wasn’t a crow anyway 😲 beautiful looking bird and didn’t seem too bothered by me either. Not until I got my phone out to take a pic, then it flew off and into the tree’s. Got to rangers house and took the direct route back to the van.

Was a bit pissed off to be fair, I felt good and wanted more. So I banged a little hill loop in for good measure.

I thought I’d explain the bottle shower a bit more today. I basically fill a hot water bottle up at home. Use this to warm my back up on the drive in. My washing routine goes like this.

– open both the back doors of the van for cover.

– put my mat on the floor to stand on.

– put my clothes in order, ready to put on quick. It is cold.

– take the top out of the bottle.

– strip to my pants, put shower gel on my head, then pour the contents of the bottle all over me.

– quick wash around and dry off.

– then put some spray on, and dress in this order.

– pants, upper clothes, ( then one leg at time ) trousers, sock and boot. Then the other one.

Job done. Sort everything into wet and needs drying piles. Eat my fruit with the engine running, while drying stuff on the vans heaters.

Bit of a finally tuned machine, I get more officiant the more times I do it. I even undo the shower gel before I run ha ha. Gonna bring my porta loo with me tomorrow 😉.

Day 323 done 42 to go.

4 miles.

1970.1 miles total.

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