Day 322. The wheel keeps turning.

It’s getting darker in the mornings, was still getting light at the start of my run.

The usual suspects are already parked up and walking there dog’s.

I head up the top trail through the trees. Still feel rough today but more like a bug than a hangover. Hands are a bit cold but otherwise dressed perfect for the weather. Long sleeve top, shorts and a thin hat. I follow a trail I hadn’t seen before, this is good and keeps me on the edge the trees. Will definitely be running this one more now.

Unfortunately my bug or hangover was giving me bad guts. You know what’s coming 😲 yep had to disappear in the tree’s 🤫. Felt so much better afterwards, so cracked on. Watched a Buzzard hovering over the tree’s, looking for its breakfast. Passed the Great Oak and dropped down to the waterwheel.

Down over the meadow, passed the rangers house and over the little stream. I startled a white bird, not sure what is was but I stopped to watch it weave down the stream and around the bushes. I startled the ducks on the water too, this is when I realized how quite the day was. I carried on and up the hill. Then followed the trail next to the main road back to the van. A quick water bottle shower, then my fruit salad and off to work.

Day 322 done 43 to go.

4.6 miles.

1966.1 miles total.

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