Day 321. 3-2-1

Big Phil came over last night, we went out for beers. The Cuckoo first, for food with Babs. Then she dropped us off in town. All got a bit messy from there really šŸ˜². Needless to say my head’s been killing all day. Felt proper rough this morning while walking the boy. So I thought the best thing to do is run, it ain’t gonna get any easier later. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t quick. The smell of coffee from the coffee factory on Fengate, got me through it ok, smells amazing. Slightly ruined by the smell of the sewage works šŸ˜·. Made myself do 5km (3.1 miles) as this is my new minimum distance. Also out of respect for all of you, out there training hard to get ready for the 31st. Everyday I feel overwhelmed by your support and efforts.

Later on I went for a bike ride with Phil, to have dinner at the sailing club in Ferry meadows. Bumped into an old school mate Wesley, small world. It’s especially weird because we follow each other on Strava. So I know he lives here and runs. Only last week I’d messaged on his run saying “I’m surprised we haven’t passed each other mate, we run the same routes”. A week later and here we are, ain’t seen each other for nearly 20 years.

Day 321 done 44 to go.

3.1 miles

1961.5 miles total.

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