Day 320. Working on a Saturday 😲.

Got a few hours work to do for Charlie today, only a bit of plastering. So ran with Jackson this morning. Going for the Swan route reverse. I prepared a fruit salad for me and Babs before we left. I slipped off the fruit till noon yesterday, had a McDonald’s breakfast wrap. Had dodgy guts all day, that’s proof in the pudding – or fruit – for ya. So fruit till noon from now on, as best I can anyway. We head out, the boy is keen. Untill he needs the longest piss ever that is, then a bob a little further along. Then we get in the groove. A bit cooler this morning, nice. We’re soon in the park and two or three other dogs and there owners, enjoying the area. Then we leave the park and head into town. I noticed I’m a bit tight in time, then think about seeing if Nick’s setting up. So a go to the market to check, see if I can talk him into running soon. Nick Rutta has the Embe to go stall, he does Carribbean food. If your ever passing, try it it’s amazing and a top bloke too. He’s not there though but looks like he’s set up and nipped off. I turn back to town, then go through the cathedral. Gates are still shut DOH! So turn back and go through town. We go home and eat. Then work.

Day 320 done 45 to go.

4.4 miles

1958.4 miles total

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