Day 316. Back to work.

Got the phone call I was expecting last night, back to work again. Gonna see how bad traveling each way is, rather than staying over, just leave the job earlier. The 5am alarm should of shocked the system but it didn’t. I was up since 2am on and off, clock watching and waiting. Also had an hallucination, thought I see a massive spider run accross the ceiling and then down the wall 😲. Put the light on but obviously nothing there, or was their?

The reason I was up at 5am is I’m running the boy first. Also I need to get used to running in the dark and early hours again. Babs put the Swan route in my head last night and it’s still there this morning. It was pitch black down Potters way, was glad I put JB’s light collar on. At least I could see him and anyone else could. Still dark along the willows but a bit of light was reflecting off the Nene. I hooked him back in at the embankment as a cyclist came past. Through the underpass and into town, the odd person heading to work or standing around waiting for a lift. Nice and quite, I could get used to this. It looked a bit dark in Central park, so turned his light back on (which I’d turned off before the underpass). We go in. I was in Jackson’s safe hands now, could not see the path one bit. It wasn’t pitch black now but the floor seemed to be. About halfway round some bushes moved in a gust from nowhere. Send the hairs up on my back and spooked me slightly. JB just kept going, legend. We ran mostly side by side the rest of the way home. Fed him, did my stretches for my back, got showered, then off to work 👎.

Day 316 done 49 to go.

5 miles.

1933.9 miles total.

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