Day 315. The training begins.

No work today, well no work tomorrow either 😲. Bit of pricing and stuff but that’s it. Got a couple of house chores but Babs has taken it easy on me there. Got a call from Matt T, ain’t spoke to him for ages so a nice surprise. When we did some triathlon we used to meet and train. On bikes, on and off road and running. Usually followed by some scuff and a beer. Used to be on a Tuesday evening, TNC Tuesday night club 👍 had great fun. Babs had gone to work by the time we’d finished. I had my work clothes on -habit I think- put my thick hoody on too. Grabbed the legend and drove the car to the rowing lake. My plan was to walk the boy now, then run after taking him home. I need to start some kind of training for the 24 hour challenge. Hill reps? Where? Sprints? Could do. Need to train my mind too. Then as we enter the meadow, I have it. Here and now. Laps. Fully overdressed so I have to control my pace and body heat.

My trainers are too loose, this is the first thing I noticed. Deal with it, I want this run to be uncomfortable. One lap 0.33 miles perfect. 3 laps a mile, I have 35 laps in my mind. Think this is what’s needed for me to be over 100 miles on the 24. This really is perfect training, I’m roasting hot and 3 laps in its feeling tough. Short laps works great for mind control, extra temptation to stop each lap. I soon realised the 35 laps isn’t gonna happen. Not that I couldn’t do it, I remembered I only have an hours parking DOH! On lap 5, I think. An elderly couple come on the field walking there dog. Both dogs go on the leads as we pass. I know it’s gonna do there heads in when we pass again. The second passing the bloke smiles, I say “me again” the woman has more to say “you’d be better off on the big field”. Now what I wanted to say was “mind your own f’ing business” but it didn’t. I mean she’s probably an expert in running. Probably thought I needed her advice. She was probably thinking the flat grass field would be less risky for ankles. More likely I annoyingly got in the way of her walk. So I replied with “I’m training for something and this is perfect thanks” and with a smile I carried on. Maybe I’ll run here at this time everyday 🤔.

Anyway after excepting lesser laps, I aim for 20. At around lap 9, I start finding it tough. Maybe I have gone mad? The challenge starts to engulf me, I feel overwhelmed. I look down and my jacket is undone, did I do that? I can’t remember, I must of. I zipped it back up and strangely I felt focused again. One lap at a time that’s all. I know feel excited, how smart the challenge will be. Seeing all the different people, sometimes I may be chatty and other times in a very dark place. Bring it on. Sweat is coming through both jackets now, it’s good. I noticed my zip dropped again, it’s doing it on its own. I check it every lap. It must be warm though as Jackson has been dipping in the pond every 2 laps, since around lap 8. My parking ran out at lap 18 but decide to risk it. I also agree that if I have a ticket, I’ll come back and do another 34, to make the ticket worth it. For Jackson’s sake I hoped I didn’t. He’s been staying close behind for few laps now and every lap end, he stops and looks at me, then looks at the way back ha ha. He was happy to stop at lap 20 and so was I, sweating like diabetic in a sweet shop. Sorry Chris. We walk back and cool down, he goes one step further.

Back to the car and no ticket,. I’m sure Jackson smiled. 16 degrees is what it said on the dash, no wonder I was so hot.

Only 50 days to go, that’s crazy. It’s going down way too quick now. I’m not gonna stop running but I’ll be stopping my blogs. This will feel strange and I’m gonna miss it. I’m looking forward to getting my time back but it’s gonna leave a big whole. I can understand people having a diary now. It’s been very helpful for me to focus and write stuff down. Even though I’m not speaking to someone face to face, the knowledge that your reading and following this is powerful. I feel so grateful that you take the time out of your life to read about me. Me talking rubbish most of the time. I feel honoured, thank you 🏃.

Day 315 done 50 to go.

6.6 miles

1928.9 miles total.

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