Day 314. Memory lane.

Tonight’s run was only short but lasted a life time. I basically ran around my life growing up, had so many memories flowing through my head, it’s crazy. Now there’s two signs as you enter Kirton – the village where I spent the first 27 years of my life –

I’m out with the boy, dad was dog sitting while me and mum went to see Terry.

Now to get a bit deep. My brother Terry is an alcoholic and has suffered with mental health most his life. My family live in a fairly deprived area, it’s nice and not that bad but unfortunately drunks and drug addicts are common. So mental health gets pushed to one side. People don’t talk about it and people don’t know how to talk about it. It’s the individuals problem. We all have a voice and all have opinions though. Unluckily for Terry his drinking is killing him. He only has a quarter of a liver now and he’s only just keeping alive. He’s wasting away to nothing and probably wished he’d talked and listened more. This is my bro and hopefully not our last pic together.

I love him but like him, I’ve accepted his fate. I just want him to be happy and as comfy as can be.

Sorry to share this with you but if we don’t talk about these things nothing will change. I don’t need any sympathy and don’t want it, neither would he. We all go through tough things in life. Sometimes people just need to talk, when they do just listen. Sometimes they don’t want to talk, hear this and be there for them.

Back to the run.

We turn right down Middlegate road, I remember a time as small kids. Hanging around my mate Jonathan Pebperdy’s and causing mischief. We cross the busy A16, which used to be an old railway track. We played along this endlessly, hiding, playing tiggy, fighting, newting, making dens, running on dykes with ice on. You get the idea. It’s a boring road now but not in our memories. A little bit along we turn right onto Horseshoe lane. Kingy lived down here and I spent most of my younger life at his house. It was a lot nicer than mine, he had a tree house 👍. I was treated as part of the family and so was he at ours. He was my best mate since we were 4 years old. Some great memories as I ran down this road, too many to mention. Back to the A16, we cross and turn left along the path, to the end of King Street. This is the street I grew up on. There used to be the old rail station here, was used as a coal yard. Oh yes we were black from head to toe 🤫. Past Hully’s old family home, then Mick’s, then mine.

Left down Edinburgh drive past Kelky’s and then my old school, which used to be called Middlecott school.

Right on to Princess road, Towelly’s house not far away. Right again onto London road. loads has changed down here too. Mind the whole village has changed so much over the years but it still has some bits that ain’t changed. Like the Black Bull, the hub of Kirton and one of my old and earliest watering holes.

Was tempted for a pint. Headed back to mum and dad’s though, wanted to catch dad, before he heads to the pub, his usual Sunday couple of beers. Grab my stuff and the veg they got me from the allotment. Told em I love them and came home. Babs had cooked a lovely tea for us, red cabbage and Cashew curry. perfect 👍.

Day 314 done 51 to go.

3.1 miles.

1922.3 miles total.

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