Day 310. Damp steady hill repeats.

Wet start this morning and a wet day predicted. For some reason I was keen to get running this morning. Was awake way before my alarm, should have got up I suppose. I’ve give up on trying to be, in this flat but was as quite as I could be.

Only 2 other cars in the carpark when I get there and although I was keen to run, I wished I had another place to run at this morning. It’s lovely here, it’s not the it’s boring. It’s getting a bit like groundhog Day though. I got ready and set off on the slightly lower trail. Instantly I feel happy with the place and start enjoying it. It’s raining but not too cold. Once my feet were wet, the puddles become fun not obstacles. After a couple of miles to warm up-as my hip feels tight and a bit sore today, all this work on the roof ain’t helping it- I start hill repeats, to the top this time though. The repeats I’d done the other day, was on the steepest part and shorter. It flattens off then and becomes more of a gradual undulating climb to the top. Thought the change in gradient would be better, plus the longer downhill to stretch out. It seemed to work too. Can’t beat hill reps in the rain, love it. Teaches you to turn off the brain and just do it. I only had time for 3 or was it 4? I’m not sure now but happy with that. Just the top long single-track back to van. Just short of a 10k. Had my shower in the rain, got changed and off to work.

While on tea break I had this come up on Facebook, from 1 year ago. Thought I’d share it on here, took me striaght back to the morning I took. Was walking my boy.

Day 310 done 55 to go.

6.1 miles.

1896.9 miles total.

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