Day 305. Miss my boy.

Friday is here and all I can think about is going home. I left JB my hat on his bed. Babs says he has it in his mouth when she gets home from work. I hope he misses me like I miss him.

Had a few beers with Kyron last night and finished with a McDonald’s. Wasn’t a late night, home for 9:45pm. I definitely over ordered though, Kyron had to finish mine. It wouldn’t settle either, so I had a crap nights sleep. Resulting in a slow exit of the building for my run. Didn’t mind as was only doing a short one, wanted to see the sunrise. I ran a different way and entered millennium wood from the back end. Was still a bit dark in there and my eyes were still waking up. So was happy to get out there and onto the path. About halfway along here I see something going on. For a start I though it was a cat. It was sat having a stare off with some crows and magpies. I realised it’s a fox and couldn’t get on my camera ready quick enough. It see me and legged it. What a bazaar thing to see, wonder what was going on. Maybe it’s a conspiracy 🤔 and there plotting something. Under the road and a loop of the lakes, a few other joggers out and the birds are in full chorus.

The sun was taking its time though and this is something I didn’t have alot of. No worries I got to watch it from the lounge, before we left for work.

Got home and took my boy out.

Day 305 done 60 to go.

3.2 miles.

1865 miles total.

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