Day 304. Wet day and Halloween.

Got rained off today. Carl and Reece went home, they were going home tonight anyway. Just me and Kyron left. Was so tempted to go home to see the boy. Oh and Babs obviously. Didn’t think it fair to leave Kyron on his own though. I know he’d of been ok with it but not the right thing to do.

Thought I’d get my run in instead. Was a wet one.

Took a bit of motivation to get going but once I’d got changed and outside, it wasn’t that bad. Went on an explore. Headed around the outside of the park, near the main road. Dropped down a bit to a grass trail I spotted the other day. This took me to the quarry and I joined the Butterfield way path. Planned to get to 3 miles and turn back. The trail got overgrown though and didn’t have my machete with me to carry on. So I turned back instead. The rain had eased now and nearly stopped and was a bit warmer. I was definitely overdressed, so I rolled my sleeves up, took my hat off and my gloves too. I went slightly different on my return and came back to the top of my hill. I went down to the grassy trail again but turn right this time. I stayed on this grassy trail as far as I could. This eventually came to a dead end. I had to slip and slide down a steep slippy slope, to the lower trail that I recognised. Did a loop of the lakes. I passed a couple of ladies jogging, looked like they were having fun. I also passed a bloke that looked very strange, very strange indeed. Even from a distance he stood out. He was dressed in white, thought he was a bee keeper from a distance but as he got closer, I could see he wasn’t. He just looked totally out of place and as I passed him and said “Hi”. He just looked at me and smiled, I picked my pace up slightly. Then I started to worry about the two joggers, so I turned around to look. They were heading away from him anyway. Paranoid sod ain’t I? It’s a popular place here and always someone walking there dogs, maybe I look suspicious 🤫.

Back at the van I got changed, sat with the engine running and ate my tuna and beetroot sandwich. The two women returned to there car, thank god. Two or three dog walkers, some just heading out and some returned. It also started to rain heavy again, so didn’t feel bad for not being at the job. Just before I left, a group of oldies came walking through the carpark. Was so sweet to see, looked like 4 couples. All helping eachother down steps and arm in arm. One had a map, so I’m guessing he’s the leader. They looked so happy and the rain was part of it for them.

Headed back to the digs and Kyron was waiting, so I got showered and changed. Cinema day😎. We went to watch the new Halloween film, bloody makes you jump. A good film. As I was walking out I realised I didn’t have my hat on, bugger! So went back to get it. It’s amazing how spooky an empty cinema room feels, especially after that film 😲.

Day 304 done 61 to go.

5.8 miles.

1861.8 miles total.

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