Day 303. Lovely morning.

Jack Frost has been. Lost a bit of time scrapping the ice of the van this morning. Was looking forward to getting there. On the way there the outside temperature in the van read -3. The fields have frost on and there’s low cloud/mist in the dips. Pulled into the carpark and it’s looking smart.

Already a dog walker out enjoying the morning.. Made me realise how much I’m missing the boy, he’d love this.

The air is cold but it’s very still and fresh. I couldn’t get going soon enough.

Then I someone running lower down with two dogs, I get slightly jealous. I even think about trying to join them but think that my come across as weird. Did pretty much the same route as yesterday but it seems a lot nicer. More of a picture morning than a run.

Had to stop to watch two Herons circling this lake, they went round twice together then one landed. Was very eary seeing them fly through the mist. Was prehistoric and mesmerising, so much so, I only got the one pic.

Past the Rangers house and up the hill. I decide to do the street/rabbit warren loop, which seemed so much colder on the tarmac than in the park. Back in the park for another loop of the lakes to get the miles in. Got this treat too.

Back to the van for my water bottle shower, a lot of steam coming off me this morning ha ha. Off to work.

Also I’m on my second day of fruit till noon. Apart from my crumpet’s at 6am. I felt hungry yesterday but not over hungry. It might be in the head but I felt better for it. My luncheon meat and beetroot sandwich tasted amazing at 1pm though 😁. I’m on my 10:30 break now and had a banana and an orange after my run, two oranges now and feel great. That chicken in pitta bread is very tempting though 🤔.

Day 303 done 62 to go.

6.2 miles.

1856 miles total.

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