Day 301. Frosty morning with the boy.

Alarm went off at 5am. Wanted to run with Jackson, I hate being away from him so much. Plus he’s been getting a bit anxious, he gets obsessed with chewing his leg. So I figured if I run with him this morning, it breaks it down to only 4 days ish. I’ll be honest though, it’s dark outside, my back is aching and my left knee has started to play up too. Was so close to swapping the run for a walk. I had my kit on by this point, so what the hell, let’s get going. As we got going down Star road, it didn’t feel so early anymore. People going to and coming back from work. Bishops road had the odd car and cyclist too. We head down the partially lit path, heading towards central park. Doing the Swan route. Jackson chooses to go to the loo at the exact time two young lads show up. Obviously been on the Rob and was watching us like hawks. One was on a bike, the other was pushing a shopping trolley full of stuff and a bike on top of it. Don’t ask me what was in the trolley, I didn’t stop to find out. I did what most of us would do in this situation, I turned a blind eye and carried on with my business. I know it’s wrong but it was kind of funny. It was well lit up now, all the way to the park that is. Got a pic of these for Babs.

She always says she can’t see why I’ve never mentioned them in my blog, I always forget. To be fair I forget more than I remember ha ha. They are pretty cool though and I always think about mentioning them.

Central park is dark, I’d say very dark in places. There’s lights in areas but not in most. I was alert here though and ready for scrap. I was kind of hoping a little, as felt ready for it now. Think I’d got myself wound up earlier, just incase. After leaving the park and heading along Broadway, I noticed the windscreens were frozen. How had I missed this?

The ground was ok and it wasn’t every screen either. Town centre was busy getting tidied up, the homeless sleep through the noise and are fast asleep. We crossed on over the road and go past the sea cadets. Oh no! Somethings happening. I need the loo and a Number two too, bugger! I tried running differently, but it didn’t help. It’s still dark so could possibly find a spot but didn’t want to. It need to get back. So missed down the willows and Potters way out. We head straight back, Jackson knows I ain’t right. He keeps looking at me, I’m sure he’s laughing inside. I have to stop and panic walk the last 400 meters to the door. I bloody made it 👍. Victory to Burton 💪.This is the problem with early running for me 😎.

Made another healthy meal for myself tonight.

Raw veg, tomato, beetroot, olives, avocado, red cabbage and king prawns. With a bit of tumeric and black pepper, proper filled me up.

Day 301 done 64 to go.

4.3 miles.

1843.9 miles total.

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