Day 298. Grafham water.

Today went from getting up early to run at Panshanger, to running there when I finished, to running when I got home and finally settled on running Grafham water. Parked up and didn’t have the right change for parking, thought about parked up the road but decide to stay. So headed to cafe to get some change. On the way there I passed Paul and Tanya Sturgess , only caught my eye and took a second look. Not knowing if they spotted me, I went to the loo first. Then heading back to the van, then I see them, so headed over to say hi. While chatting away I realised I’d forgot to get change, so asked if they could change a quid. They did one better and gave me there parking ticket. 🤫 Shhhhhhh.

I decided to go clockwise instead of my usual anti choice. For a few reasons really.

First- I was thinking about on the way there for a change anyway.

Second- They said it felt cold into the wind on the dam. So I’d have back wind this way.

Third- Don’t think there is a third come to think of it 🤔.

I put my wind jacket on, as Paul said it was a three top day for biking. He only had two on and got cold. Half way across the dam as I pulled my sleeves up, I thought. Maybe they got cold because they’d been sat in a pub having food.

My back twinged slightly along here, looks like Bennett is along for the run too. Some company at least. Felt strange running the opposite way round, I kept doubting the route. Enjoying it though and I’m passing the sailing club before I know it. Thought there’d be more people on the water, they would be at the coast today. From here the route goes to the road and village of Perry and I pass the Wheatsheaf Inn, I think of stopping for a beer myself. From here it’s back on trails and a bit more undulating. Seems more hilly this way, which sounds daft I know but it’s true. I like it, more effort for your money 👍. I see a couple with a young lad on bikes, there my target now. I gain on the climbs and hold my own on the flats. Slowly getting closer, I’m about 20 yards away and the father spots me. They go into the single file so I can pass. The thing is they speed up ha ha, they slowly pulled away. I could tell as the mum looked back, she was thinking -come on then- I was trying luv.

I leave them anyway as the route goes into road again, I know a nice off-road bit. There’s a lovely spot this way, in some cover with a lovely view of the water.

Need to bring Babs and the boy here for a picnic. My route keeps me close to the water, I only pass one bloke, otherwise it’s all mine. The water is very low, the lowest I’ve seen it but on the plus side, it’s left little bays. Who said Grafham hasn’t got a beach?

Back to the main path, slightly Infront of the family now, so I keep it that way ha ha. Petty I know but who cares. Got back to the van and stopped Strava on my phone. Yes my watch is still dead. A nice run and made better by the direction change. Yet again this shows how little things makes a big difference.

Could not wait to get home now and see the boy. Babs too but she’s at work. He was as happy to see me as I was him, god I’d missed him. So straight out again for a long walk together.

I messaged Babs to run after work to the rowing lake and we’d meet her there. She did and we did, everybody is happy. She did a little extra while we chilled. She got to see a fox too, lucky girl.

Day 298 done 67 to go.

8.6 miles.

1828.8 miles total.

3 thoughts on “Day 298. Grafham water.

  1. I love running round there .. done it when the kids could bike along side of me.. and you are right .. anti-clockwise is hillier than clockwise… we stayed in the caravan site there a few times .. they used to take tents.. not sure anymore…

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