Day 297. Great Oak.

3 main things happen today.

1- Beers and a mixed kabab last, means toilet troubles.

2- Entered next year’s Etape du Tour ⛰️. Chalet bookings is in full flow, thanks to Amy, mainly.

3- See this bad boy today. I was blow away by it.

The pic doesn’t do it justice, it’s massive.

So after finishing work and a few too many toilet visits, I leave, on my own tonight, Reese bailed. Got my stuff with me so got ready before I left. Was tempted to head back and run from the digs but that was just the tiredness thinking. Seems darker tonight, the cloud cover is the culprit. My watch battery has nearly gone, so started Strava on my phone, as a back up (Forgot to bring my watch charger, Doh!). Headed up the top path this time and it took me through the trees and onto a trail, around the edge of a field. This eventually took me back to the path from yesterday. Ended up going up the fire road we came down yesterday. Then what I first thought was a big crow, but looked to be a Hobby. Was a bird of prey a little like a Buzzard but a lot darker. It casually cruised off and into the trees. Then I came across this fella ha ha.

Took the trail back into the trees and soon came across the old Orangery building. I thought it’d be spookier than it was but not at all.

Not too much further and find the mighty great Oak tree. It was fenced off but could not stop starring at it.

I did stop though and carried on to follow the trail. Ended up back at the Rangers house. So couldn’t resist that climb again, startled a deer on the way up this time. At the top I went left again, was gonna follow the same trail as yesterday back. This time though I spotted a path off to the right and a bridge, let’s check it out.

Well what eye opener. Ended up in a rabbit warren of trails, between big houses. I didn’t take any pics as they may let out the hounds. Very posh area. The path even went through someone’s big front garden. I little bit along a road then back on secret paths again.

Was good fun and I had a rough idea where I was heading but only a hunch really. Eventually I came out on the road we drive back on. Past the old well presented pub, I’m definitely gonna pop into one day and took a path through another posh estate. Then in an indirect way I come across the tunnel under the main road. We see this yesterday, so I knew where to go now. There’s a stream that runs through it too and it’s dark and spooky, now the nights closing in anyway.

Another little trail back to the grass field, this leads me back to my van at the carpark. My watch had stopped on the last mile, so the phone back up was a good plan.

Day 297 done 68 to go.

4.9 miles.

1820.2 miles total.

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