Day 296. Panshanger park.

New ground to explore. Was thinking about this all day. Love checking out new places and I needed this to be good. The rest of the year depends on it ha ha. Reece is with me and we pull into the carpark, up a steep lane. Only just getting under the height barrier too. Not a massive carpark but plenty of people here. First good sign. CCTV cameras, second good sign. We can also see the lake and big meadows. Was happy now. Reece stretched then we decided to start at the top path, through the trees. A nice trail and definitely runnable at night. Theres an open bit with a view to the lake, stunning.

We carried on through tree’s, grass verges, and tracks. Very peaceful and nice to pass the odd walker/jogger. We ended up at the rangers house and take a strap climb up through the trees again. Reece nearly done himself in on this bit ha ha. Then we met a nice single-track on the edge of the woods and next to the main road.

Very good but I wanted to get to the lake again. At the bottom we follow another trail, sort of going back on ourselves. Against Reece’s will, we could see the carpark and he was ready to finish. We pass more people along this bit, must be the popular walk. We was rewarded with stunning views of the lake and some big old oak trees.

After talking Reese into hugging the tree, we followed the grassy trails back to the van. Really looking forward to exploring this place more.


Forgot to mention the beer we had on our way home. Proper old country pub and cosy.

Day 296 done 69 to go.

4.6 miles.

1820.2 miles total.

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