Day 294. Asda run.

Up at 5:45am to head down south, yay. Was a sunny day today though, so nice to be outside in it, even if I was working. On a roof all-day, for the next couple of weeks actually. Could feel it on my legs and knew I’d feel it on my run. Felt knackered too, the late nights and drinking has taken its toll. Feeling a bit run down. We always go to Asda after work, to get the week shop. I parked up there and got ready to run, didn’t want to loose the light and miss the last of the sun. Headed pretty much the same route as normal. Asda ain’t far from the digs. I was right, legs felt heavy plus my asthma was playing up a bit too. Back didn’t feel too bad though, so that’s good news. Seems a few people about again. A group of young uns in millennium wood, most definitely doing no wrong but made me uneasy. My senses sharpen up and I stay alert. I hear every sound and bloody squirrels seem to be everywhere. I feel like Vern in the film Stand by Me, when he’s on look out in the woods ha ha. Didn’t worry me enough to stop me having a piss. I was soon out in the open and heading through Fairlands valley. I’m sweating but don’t feel hot, infant the temperature is dropping. Once I get to the lakes my legs start feeling a bit lighter and my breathing is more stable. Seems a lot of dog walkers tonight too plus more groups of kids. I suppose they got to hang out somewhere, at least there not starring at screens. The temperature keeps on dropping, my head starts to feel a little cold, it’s nice. Back out the park and heading down the path, along the road back to Asda. I feel good again now and started to get hungry. Got to the van and put on some dry clothes, to do my shop.

Sweet potatoes, tuna, cous cous, salad, olives and spinach for tea.

Think I over did it ha ha.

Also got a message from Babs and the boy is in the cone of shame 👎.

Poor lad, nothing serious. He gets obsessed with chewing his leg when he’s anxious. I feel bad because I know it’s getting him down with me being away so much.

Day 294 done 71 days to go.

5.2 miles.

1812 miles total.

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