Day 292. Hangover from hell!

I great night last night but definitely paid for it today. Blimey, what did we drink? I reckon the 9.9% drinks from the Stoneworks did it. Comedy night though, very funny.

Couldn’t bring myself to do the Parkrun with Babs, so walked the boy instead. Not much else happened after take 🤒. Babs was looking at cars and was meant to help. Sorry. Eventually felt normal enough to run around 2ish. Did the ol faithful route. The sun was out, plenty of people out walking too. Was the best I felt all day and each drip of sweat, was the beer leaving. That’s what I told myself anyway. Felt better afterwards but not for long. Bloody drink. Now I’m about to go out and do it all again at Duncan and Caroline’s house/Maggy’s bday party 🍺. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 292 done 73 to go.

5 miles.

1800.7 miles total.

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