Day 290. Black Sheep

Tonight’s run I’m joined by Reese again. We plan to ease off the pace a bit more tonight. A bit later getting back from work, so we got out as quick as possible. While it’s still light enough, we head into millennium wood and this time we don’t get lost.

We run across the field and take on the trails, through the meadows and woods on that side. After going up to the top of the hill, we go through to the estate. Thought we’d check the pub out down there. Looked ok but could tell it’s a proper locals pub, sports on the TV and already a few in there. Back through to the field via a single-track, I’d not done before.

As the sun went down we passed under the road to the sailing lake. Plenty of people about, more than usual. We’re at a nicer pace tonight plus it’s a lot cooler too. We passed a couple of blokes setting up a bootcamp in the park. Gonna see if I can find anything about it online, may be an option for next week. Just a lap of the two lakes then home, that’ll do. Especially as Reese tells me that he worked out he hasn’t ran for over a year and half -excluding Tuesday that is- Just shows how manual work keeps you fairly fit.

Pizza, beer and a film tonight. Purge no 3.

Day 290 done 75 to go.

4.6 miles.

1790.7 miles total.

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