Day 288. Run with Reese.

Well if he’s as out of shape as he says he is, I’m in trouble ha ha. After work and conveniently after forgetting his trainers for two weeks, Reese joins me for a run. After all the excuses……

– I’m well out of shape.

– I’ll be blowing out my arse.

– I need to stretch out.

We get going. Starting off at a steady pace, I have to slow him down, else he’ll burn himself out. Ex footballer you see. He only knows ones pace, so need to educate him a bit. So explained by starting off easier to warm up, he’ll benefit further into the run. Was running at a more chatty pace now. We crossed under the road and take the trail into millennium wood. I don’t know how but I sent us off track a few times in here. Probably cause I was talking. Think he enjoyed it through there, something different than paths. After the woods we did stay on paths then. I wasn’t sure how far we’d go now but loads of options to turn back from here. Then he asked to stop. Oh no I think, thought he’d pulled something. Only a loose contact lens, he knocked it while wiping sweat from his face. After he’d readjusting it, we carry on. I ask if he’s ok, “yeah I’m good” “you ok to do more?” I say “yeah I’m good mate”.

so we crossed under the road again and upto the sailing lake. It’s nice for me to show him where I’ve been running. I think he’s supprised how nice it is around there. We ended up doing the full loop of the park, I pulled the pace back slightly a couple of times on our way round. Was a decent pace to be fair, not my normal easy pace but comfortable. He seems ok so I go with along with it. On the way back, once we could see the tower. I could tell he wanted to go quicker. I asked him and I was right, “let’s up the pace then but ease off and warm down, at the underpass”. We start to build the pace, then a bit more, then I pull away slightly, we get to the underpass and ease off. Drop the pace right down now and ease to a walk at 5 miles. Reese looks knackered, bugger maybe I let him go to fast for his first run in ages. “Let’s walk around the tower to cool down mate” I say. He seems a bit better after that.

After we got back from eating out, I knew I’d ran him too hard. Sorry Reese. He’d stiffened up and looked knackered. Told him to pop some pills and drink more water. Hopefully he’ll be able to join me again Thursday.

Day 288 done 77 to go.

5 miles.

1778 miles total.

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