Day 285. Dramatic!

Thanks Harry for this word. That is the word I needed to explain this pic. I’ve walked past this tree so many times, since the storms beat down on it months ago. I never walk past it without looking up at it, it demands my attention and it gets it. This morning was the right time to capture this giant in the way I see it. Obviously I edited it too to finish it off.

It just portrays power, strength and pride to me. I don’t know what you see but I see this. It stands there naked, beaten, damaged and broken. Yet it stands tall, proud, dominant, undefeated and beautiful. It says be strong and take lifes beating but stand tall and be proud. You do this and people will look up to you and not just walk past.

-So when you fall, get up and carry on.

-If you fail, learn from your failure and try again.

-If you succeed, enjoy this and help others to learn.

-If something scares you that’s fine, facing this fear will only make you stronger.

What I’m saying is it’s better to try and fail, than to never try at all. To fail is the main part of succeeding. Don’t be afraid to fail, to fail means that you’ve tried.

Maybe you just see a tree and this is fine. Find your own tree 😎.

When was the last time you took time to stop. Take you time to look around and just take it all in? Try it. Just stop, stand or sit and listen. Watch the world ticking by unfazed by you. See how you feel, you may find your own tree. I couldn’t stop watching the river this morning, was magical and weird at the same time.

A bit deep today, maybe because I’ve stopped taking the painkillers ha ha. Amazing what a tree can do.

After a day of breakfast with the boys at Nick’s, car viewing with Babs, new trainer buying for me for tomorrow (my race day new kit). I finally got to do my run. Took the boy to the Boathouse again, it’s just so easy with him around there. We go straight on the trails, he’s gone way up front but I don’t mind. Not many people around this time of night. It’s extremely mild again, I’m in t-shirt and shorts. The sweat is pouring off me, I start to think I’m coming down with something. My mind is on tomorrow’s half marathon. I’m strangely looking forward to it. I think this is because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Will I feel great and run like normal, doubt it. Will I have to walk some of it? Maybe, maybe not. Will my new trainers be comfortable? Of course they will, I picked them 😉. Time will tell and we’ll find out tomorrow.

Day 285 done 80 to go.

3.2 miles.

1755.3 miles total.

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