Day 284. Building bridges.

Back on home turf tonight. An early finish from work, so got parked up in Altwalton for around 3pm. Got a doctor’s appointment at 4:30pm so needed to get on it.

Got ready in the village hall carpark, then headed down the road to the lock. Crossed it and turned right by the river. Had a suprise when I get near the new bridge. Cows, big uns. They didn’t move much either, just stared at me. I happy to get through the gate and over the bridge.

Am impressed with the bridge though, very sturdy. It’s nice to be back by the river, so nice and peaceful along here. I stop to take a moment and a pic. I can hear a Kingfisher but don’t see it. The trees are full of colour and there dancing in the wind, could stand for longer but time waits for no man. Neither do Doctor’s.

Sweating alot again, it is warm but think it’s still the beer and possibly my body working harder than normal. At the railway tracks I go over to ferry meadows. Taking the stone bridge and head back to Altwalton. Was in two minds wether to do my favourite trail or not. It might be too much for my back but I do enjoy it. Obviously I gave it a go ha ha. I can always walk 👍. But I didn’t walk and although I took it steady, still really enjoyed it.

Back was fine too, I noticed that I was I had to concentrate more than normal. Can’t lift my leg as well as normal, so didn’t want to trip because of this. Once at the van I still had time, so did a loop to the A1 and back. Got dried off and stopped at the Boathouse on route. Thought I’d use there loo and have a quick wash, before seeing the GP.

Day 284 done 81 to go.

3.7 miles.

1752.1 miles total.

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