Day 283. Mild evening.

Felt a bit worse for wear this morning. Too much beer last night 😂. I blame it on Andy personally 😎.

Felt a bit rough all day because of this, plus my back was hurting. To fair it was the work I was doing that did that though. Even without a bad back, it’d by a back breaker. Was looking forward to my run to sweat it out. Definitely sweated it out, bloody mild one tonight. Very windy and felt stormy but only the odd spot of rain. It feels great to have my pace back. More the fact I must be improving, strangely doesn’t feel any different though. Nothing else to add tonight really, just a nice run. In my own little space, looking back at the world. I feel so lucky.

Day 283 done 82 to go.

5 miles.

1747.8 miles total.

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