Day 279. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

If pain is weakness leaving the body, I’m gonna be a very tough bloke after this. Or permanently damaged πŸ€”. I honestly feel like the running is helping, plus twice a day I heat the areas with the shower head. I get it as hot as I can take and hold it on the areas, then a little roll out ( not too much ), then ice it. Also some help from our friend Ibroprofen of course. Had a fairly chilled weekend with my mate. Stayed up till 4am to watch another mate boxing for a world title. He lost but was amazing, so proud of him. A decent walk with JB in the sun after a late breakfast. I’m moving loads better now, still the odd quick stabbing pain but getting less often. I can definitely tell it’s on the mend though and although I know total rest would probably be best. I honestly feel I’m not making it any worse now, plus I’m not ready to stop yet.

Babs came home and not long after Phil left. We went to get some pet food, then went to the rowing lake. ” Aren’t you getting bored of there yet?” I hear you say. Well no, not at all. Think I could run around there everyday and every run would be different. Jackson wanted to run with me but not today boy, Babs walked him. I needed some me time. Less pain and stiffness from the start, so was chuffed with that. The birds seemed extra vocal this evening, in full song. Maybe they have been before but because the pain was taking all my concentration, ha ha it’s amazing what you can make yourself do. After going under the Nene parkway I fancied a slight change. I’m fully aware not to overdo it but I was enjoying myself. So took the trail up to the Holiday Inn. Gutted I didn’t have my phone, absolutely stunning through here. The light and all the fallen leaves, and there mix of colours just looked great. Put a massive smile on my face anyway. Love running this time of year, everyday the colours and shape of things are changing. It’s also been cooler for running. Over the footbridge and along the paths at the back of Longthorpe. Back over the grass and onto the rowing lake path. There’s a bloke and his two daughters on there bikes. Target’s. They’d just started going again, so went past him and one of them straight away. I slowly passed the other Boom! victory πŸŽ‰. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t know she was in a race, or that she was only about 5. It made me happy. For a short while though, as they passed me a few seconds later ha ha. Victory is sweet but never lasts forever, be graceful in defeat and it lasts forever. I could see Babs and the boy on the otherside of the water. Instead of waiting at the van or running to them and getting cold, I added a little loop on. Feeling happy, positive and pleased with my progress I joined them for this last bit. After a tiny playfull run with the boy, that is. He loves it and so do I.

Day 279 done 86 to go.

4.3 miles.

1732.5 miles total.

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