Day 278. Support runner.

Wet day today and a slight hangover. Big Phil was over, so we tried to drink Charters bar dry 😎. A decent band was on too. The kabab meat and chips left my mouth tasting like Gandhi’s flip flop. Babs set off to her parents and me and Phil walked the boy. Stopping at Squirrels greasy spoon for bacon and egg bagette on route. A lazy mooch around Go Outdoors, got some new gloves.

Then went home to get ready. Helen had texted to ask a question and the conversation ended that Darren was bringing her to meet me at the rowing lake, for my run. Still raining and Helen don’t like running in the rain, so feel honoured I got her out. We head to the river and Helen leads the way, as I’m a bit slower. It seems weird that I’m out of breath and she’s not. After a bit I settled in and breathing was back to normal. The odd ouch! As I got a sharp pain but not too bad. We was chatting the whole way so I can’t remember if it was raining the whole run. We pass under the Nene parkway both ways and down the path and under Thorpe parkway. Taking the next right through the trees and past the ponds. Then around Thorpe meadows. I think this is the first time I’ve ran with her not at Parkrun. I may be wrong. we get to the stile and she says “I don’t think I’ve been over one of these since I was a kid” ha ha

Back to the van and a little stretch. She was gonna run home from there but I dropped her off at the regional pool instead. She was happier running from there.

Day 278 done 87 to go.

2.7 miles.

1728.2 miles total.

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